Wild Young Minds: August 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Home again

10 cities, 11 hostels and 13 beds (how did that happen? I'll explain later!). Eggplant, falafel and frozen yoghurt. Red wine (lots of red wine), rakija and palinka. South-American folks, English boys, American girls, Australian guys and some more English boys. Vintage shops, coffeehouses and parks. Churches, museums and rivers. Hospitals, antibiotics and cranberries. Crazy selfies, gossiping in Dutch and singing in the shower. That's a brief description of our month trip through Eastern Europe. More about the specific cities later on, here are just some photos as a foretaste and to let you know we had a marvelous time (though the antibiotics part might tell you otherwise) and plan to live on the road for the rest of our lives. At least, I do. I swear fidelity to my backpack. I won't leave him and we'll reunite every year. For the rest of my life ;)