Wild Young Minds: August 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012


What are you looking at?
1) Beautiful Budapest
2) Bentje en Aafje in beautiful Budapest
3) The Széchenyi Chain Bridge that spans the river Danube between Buda and Pest (we stayed in Pest). Reminds me a bit of the Brooklyn Bridge, can you imagine?
4) One of the lions with on the background the Parliament. Budapest was such a pleasant surprise to us.
5) Cool pub we ran into when we were lost again and looking for vintage stores.
6) Aubergine cream, a typical Hungarian lunch dish, tasted really good.
7) Oops, guess we drank a little bit too much champagne...
8) Having lunch at the 'Nothin' but the blues pub'
9) The overwhelming book café in the Paris Department Store. The interior is completely art nouveau, but the servants were a bit weird...
10) Me in Budapest.
11) Little lifts to the hills of Buda, Buda Castle.
12) Another great sight of the parliament.
13) Really funny until someone knocked on the window and made us run away very quickly. Well maybe that was the funniest part.
14) The streets of Budapest.
15) The City Market Hall with lots of beverages, fruits and souvenirs.
16) Aafje on another bridge.
17) Aafje fascinated by the 'secret box' the street vendor sold.
18) The Saint Stephen's Basilica.
19) The synagogue (largest of Europe), which we didn't see from the inside cause we didn't feel like going on another long tour.
20) Funny story: while we were discussing last night's pub crawl (our hostel organized pub crawls every night, that were amazing, the greatest people, wonderful pubs and clubs, can't imagine them when you're Dutch cause we don't have anything like that and every night a bit too much of the Hungarian drink Pálinka and the usual: cocktails) Avalon was suddenly quite and I was talking and then I saw the Saint Stephen's Basilica from the inside and I was like: WOOOOOOOAAAW. It really was the most beautiful church I had ever seen. Can have something to do with my love for gold and ornament, but it was just fabulous.
21) See 20.
22) Another beautiful building.
23) Frida Kahlo painting at the district where the vintage stores were.

Friday, August 24, 2012


What are you looking at?
1) Me drinking a cocktail (can't remember which one it was precisely, may have something to do with the fact we tried a different cocktail everytime, but I do remember it tasted amazing) at our local bar 'Hobo's'
2) We didn't take a lot of photos while we were in Rimini, because we went out (almost) every night, so I didn't take my camera with me and we were so stupid to forget to make photos (in Budapest as well! shame on us!) every time we had a lovely time. We met a couple of nice Danish girls with whom we drank cocktails as well, but we forgot to take photos... Anyway, this is a photo of our hostel room, which we shared with Danish and Swiss girls.
3) Our hostel. The quality is not so good but you get the idea.
4) The trip from Rimini to Ljubljana. What a disaster. We missed two trains, the bus we could take was full twice, so we felt pretty hopeless. Which resulted in me having a difficult moment. Finally we did make it to Ljubljana (three hours later than the original plan was) and thank god we found a good hostel to sleep in. Unfortunately, we had to skip Zagreb because otherwise we wouldn't have enough time in Budapest (best decision we made the entire month!) and we didn't have time to see the sights of Ljubljana either. Travelling isn't always fun.
5) But at least the drinks in this road café in Nova Gorica were extremely cheap. 80 cents for a glass of wine. That's what we love (:
6) The border of Slovenia and Italy.
7) A tiny and cute station in Slovenia.
8) Statue in Slovenia.
9) Making photos in the hostel in Ljubljana, where we also experienced a fabulous midnight music session.
10) On our way from Ljubljana to Budapest. Extremely hot and long day, but the trip was really fun actually.
11) A photo of us on the road, made by an adorable Korean guy in our compartiment.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


What are you looking at?
1) Avalon and I on the boat from Bari to Corfu. What a wonderful trip, we met people from all over the world and that was awesome. It was very cold at night though and we didn't have a place to sleep because we reserved the cheapest spot, which was actually at the deck. Thank god we were allowed to sleep in the lounge as well.
2) See 1.
3) Mojitos on board.
4) The port of Bari.
5) The backpacks were starting to take their toll. HEAVY!
6) But we stayed positive as always! Uhum ;)
7) Our fabulous boat Superfast Ferries.
8) The swimming pool of 'Irene Apartments', where we stayed. It was very lovely, lots of families but a good place to relax, which we really needed after so much walking and carrying backpacks. A vacation in our vacation, best idea ever.
9) The beautiful sight of Agios Gordios in Corfu.
10) Delicious ice cream.
11) Sea breeze (:
12) Eating.
13) God, how I love Greece.
14) Me eating tzatziki.
15) The sea, very lovely.
16) Again, I love Greece.
17) The restaurant/bar of 'Irene Apartments', nothing special but cool board.
18) Me in Greece.
19) Ouzo, water and bread. All you need.
20) Sardines, they were amazing.
21, 22 and 23) Corfu Town on our last night. After all, we did see a bit of culture in Corfu cause besides this night we only lay on the beach, or swimming pool, and went for dinner.
24) On our way back to Italy. You learn to sleep anywhere on the road, even on a cold, noisy boat.