Wild Young Minds: 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Non active

Dear friends, followers and lovely people who just read along this blog from time to time,

After a lot of consideration I decided to put this blog on non active for undetermined time.
I haven't been active for almost two months already, and I feel like it costs me a lot of effort to keep up with at least 2 posts at week. It has nothing to do with me, it's not that I have less inspiration or anything like it, I simply have too little time. I have always wanted my writing to be of good quality and I want to avoid writing quick and sloppy posts, just because I don't have enough time or energy.
Lately, I have been writing a lot for the website - unfortunately in Dutch! - about music: concert reviews and new albums. Also, I have been doing some freelance work for music magazines, which is extremely cool of course!
The last four years have been filed up on this blog, which makes me really proud and happy! I've had many lovely reactions on my posts, and that absolutely motivated me.
Because I don't want to lose all the work - and because I might continue this blog at some point in the future! - I've decided to keep it online, but on a non active mode.
Thanks for reading all my posts - including this one - and I definitely hope to have some more time in the future to continue it. Maybe after finishing my bachelor or after San Francisco (I so hope to go there next year!!), but for now, it's a bit too much.

Before I forget, I want to wish you a merry everything and a happy always. Here's to all you ''Wild Young Minds'', live life to the fullest, work hard & play hard (as I will!) and don't forget me. 
I'll be back! Maybe not here, but definitely somewhere else.

Love to you all,


Friday, October 31, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

JUNE-T: for sophisticated rebels

There's a new brand in town! One for real treasure seekers who want something simple, yet refined. Julia Berfelo, living in Amsterdam, founded JUNE T after 2,5 months of travelling in Asia. After she saw many places, met a lot of new people and found new thoughts, she arrived Bali. Here, she found what she was looking for: people who understood her needs and could fulfill her dream to begin a qualitative jewellery brand. She made 8 unique necklace designs, based on daily life. All jewellery are 100% silver or gold plated silver and made in Bali.
She wanted her brand to be a beacon for rebellious women, but always 'sophisticated and subtle'. And who can represent this better than me, myself and I? No, just kidding! I was very honoured to be the model of this lookbook shoot. We shot the photos in July, so the sun was still shining and that really helped the full colours come alive, I think. That, and the work of some very talented young people: photographer Sacha Luna Esmail, stylist Suuz Bisschops and hair & make-up artist Marije Koelewijn. Check out the webshop if the photos and/or story have inspired you. I'm the proud owner of the golden chemistry necklace, which I absolutely love. It makes me feel very chique, but at the same time also cool. So what are you waiting for?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Marlene Dumas at Stedelijk Museum: a boost of art in my own city

Once in a while, you are forced to do what you have long thought you should have done before. Whether it is reading a certain book, watching a certain documentary or going to a certain exhibition, you can no longer think of an excuse and push yourself to it. My motivation for finally going to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, was a pathetic one. It involved money. Or better said: it didn't involve money. The entire month of September students in Amsterdam could go to the Stedelijk Museum for free. So, greedy as I can be, this finally led me and my friend to the renewed city museum.
The above probably sounds as if I didn't want to go at all. I did, definitely. But as a busy - and at the same time sometimes lazy - student, I find myself always thinking: I should go here, I should visit this, I live in the capital of my country, but I almost never really DO it. This time, I had another reason to go, besides the money: I really wanted to see the current exhibition on the work by Marlene Dumas: 'The image as burden'. I'd read a lot about her in the newspaper and her work seemed so... typical. Intriguing, in a way.
Marlene Dumas, aged 61, was born in South-Africa and moved to Amsterdam in the seventies. Her art work consists mainly of sketches, collages and paintings inspired on photography. During her youth, she was confronted with the Apartheid. The theme 'contrasts' still plays a very important role in her work: differences in cultures, differences in gender, etc.
I'm not an art student or practicer, but I could still see a certain way of working in her paintings. What struck me most, is the expressionistic way of making art. The paintings only show people and almost all of them are portraited in a vague manner, yet they seem 'finished' anyway. I really wonder at which moment Dumas thinks: this painting is finished, it's good the way it is, I'm not going to change anything about it. As a realistic painter, you must have a point where the painting is just ready, if you change anything, you'll ruin it. But for Dumas, it seems like another process, since the paintings are more blurred in a way.
Looking at some paintings, I thought: if I would paint this, people would never consider it art. Yet, Dumas has such a status and prestige, that we regard it as art. On the other hand, the paintings have a background. Dumas is politically and socially engaged and you can tell if you look at the paintings. One showed an African woman whose husband - a leader - was just being shot, so she walked around the streets completely naked.
Nudism and sexuality are important concepts in Dumas' work. Many paintings showed naked women, naked babies, cocks and vaginas. One entire hall was filled with Jesus figures. As she says herself: 'I get asked about the fact that I once said Jesus is the most erotic figure in art. I have to say, 'No, I don't mean I get excited when I see a dead person, I'm saying that in the history of painting, he has been the main figure, and he's this naked man who struggles between spirituatlity and physicality. I didn't invent that. That is what he is supposed to stand for, and in other cultures you do not have that'.
The woman as an erotic figure is a great theme in her work as well. She visited the Red Light District to find inspiration for a series on women based on Magdalena. Next to it, was a painting of topmodel Naomi Campbell, who is seen as the modern Magdalena by the western society. She also painted lots of weaping women, and Marilyn Monroe on her death bed. The interesting thing when it comes to her paintings of icons - something I always love! - is that she uses them in a controversial way. Osama Bin Laden and his son are included in the exhibition for example, just like Amy Winehouse. People who led a tragic life.
Her characteristic color palette is grey, blue and red. The magnificent use of colours is brought forward best in her painting of men in front of a wall. A beautiful painting, which also shows the 'vagueness yet perfection' I talked about before. 

Dumas' work is worth the visit. It's extremely direct and expressive, something you have to be able to handle. You might not like it, sure. You might think it's too harsh, possible as well. There's one giant wall filled with faces of psychiatric patients. Confronting, yes. Courageous too. But if you like art that's more than aesthetics, you should see Dumas. Even if it's just to see her fabulous self-portrait. The red-head looked a bit like Vivienne Westwood. The same type too: powerful, intelligent and not afraid of controversy. Women with guts. Ah, a bit ambiguous in this context. Well, fearless as she is, Dumas probably wouldn't mind.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Johnny & Kate in their days of glory

Coincidentally, I came across four photos of the most charming couple in history: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. I have to admit, I found the last two while being so blown away by the first two, so that helped a bit as well. Anyway, Johnny & Kate are two of those people you envy and adore at the same time. They're succesful, good-looking and - at least, they were - madly in love. Easy to understand why you'd envy two of these geniuses. 

Oddly enough, they have a completely different effect on me. I wouldn't say I'd become jealous, I honestly think these two people should get back together (who cares about the reason why they broke up? who cares about their current relationships?) cause they are a feast for the eye. Especially on these photos, which are pretty rare actually. Johnny Depp is the essence of cool and so is Kate Moss. They always look like they don't care, almost arrogant. On these photos they seem so happy, honest and humble. I like the one with Johnny Cash & June Carter best. Look at that boss-look on Cash' face and the admiration in Johnny's glance. A matter of tremendous timing, I'd say! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Halfway Up The Stairs

When it comes to writing lyrics, this man is a genius. Take this song, so simple yet so complicated. A perfect contradiction.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tip: Lovers & Drifters Club

Right, maybe it isn't the usual thing to recommend someone else's site on your own blog, but hey, I don't do competition when it comes to my own blog because 1) I am aware of the fact that I don't have 10000 followers - so thank you all, my devoted readers! - and so I'm not really in the game, 2) I think blogs are meant for inspiration, not for the number of views per day and 3) the one I'm going to tell you about is absolutely freaking fantastic.
So, Lovers & Drifters Club is not a real club. Not an exclusive one, at least. I think you can see it as a sort of club, since its members are all dreamers, believers, sinners and adventure seekers. If you feel a certain connection, I'm pretty sure you can call yourself a member. I'm a devoted member, for that matter. Anyway, the concept was created by one - or a few - ambitious young creative(s). 
Lovers & Drifters Club is a label, mostly known for their fabulous shag jackets. The shag jacket is actually the reason I became aware of this great brand. I was shooting for June T, a new jewellery brand, and I had to wear a yellow version of the shag jacket. It's definitely one of the coolest things I've worn during a shoot, so you can understand I had to know more about the brand. As I was doing research, I found out that they're also the best inspiration site you can possibly find on the internet.
I have to admit, inspiration is a personal thing, so it's quite possible that you don't like it at all. But if you feel anything for freedom, road trippin' and rock 'n roll, you're on the right track. Since I'm not a big tumblr fan - have never used it and am not planning to start - but do need my portion of pretty pictures a day, I follow their instagram and stalk their website.
Anyways, it took me a little longer than I thought, but here's my message: check out Lovers & Drifters Club and even if you don't want to join, take it all in and breath it out ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

La pluie à Paris

Paris in the rain... That was mostly what we experienced last week, but that didn't spoiled the fun! I totally agree with Audrey Hepburn when she said that Paris is always a good idea. Even in the bloody rain.
The reason why Paula and I went to Paris to end the summer wasn't only because we missed out on a great travel this summer. The main reason was a very different one. It's because our roommate, friend and fellow yoga lover Jordi is studying there for half a year. Not a bad city to study, you might think and I totally agree on that!
In Paris everything feels so much more elegant. Strolling through the streets, having a coffee and smoking a cigarette. So that were a few of the things we regularly did :) But we did more! Since Jordi's temporary apartment - studio, I should say - is located in the most wealthy arrondissement in Paris, we were able to walk to the Eiffel Tower in 10 minutes. But we didn't visit our good old friend before we had had a quick bite, cause we were quite hungry after an 8-hour bus ride. Jordi's boyfriend Simon was also in Paris for a day, and he's Israelian, so we went to a nice restaurant in Le Marais. As it happens, this was the same restaurant where Avalon and I ran into two years ago and where my love for falafel and hummus sort of began. 

So, we felt a bit like being in Tel Aviv anyway. The next morning, after Jordi and I did a morning run across the Seine and underneath the Eiffel Tower, we sought the vibe of another world city, namely: London. Where, how, what? We visited Shakespeare & Co, an awesome book store near the Notre Dame, full of cool covers and antiquarian books. Unfortunately, not that many cheap second hand novels, so I ended up not buying anything. Not that that mattered, cause I had money to spend on cocktails as well! After we spend the rest of our day in Montmartre and in the park - where we all got shitheaded by pigeons, not even at the same time (!) - we were ready for food and drinks.

The food was not that fancy - a Chinese caterer - but the cocktails made up for everything. Although... We had planned to go for drinks with a few of Paula & Jordi's friends from Amsterdam, and I had been advised to go to 1 of the 4 best cocktail bars in the world. It was a sort of secret bar, for it looked like a taco shop from the outside, but appeared to be a fancy bar in the basement. The people were damn pretty, the waiters professional and the music good. The only problem: we made the wrong cocktail choice! And that ain't good when you pay 12 euros per drink! But well, we only live once, and you don't always make the right choice. Non, je ne regrette rien!

On Wednesday, Paula and I - Jordi had to apply for a job at Disney fucking Land! - did make the right choice, by going to the Louvre. Someone else tipped me about a secret - yet official - entrance to the museum, which is near the shopping mall (don't tell anyone else!) This way, we avoided a line of at least 2 hours, and since we are also students, we could get in for free. I had never been there, so first things first: visit the Mona Lisa. A lousy tiny painting, if you ask me. I don't even find her face appealing. Despite this, it was extremely busy near that wall and the space was full of selfie stocks. Worst invention in history, if you ask me.

So we walked through different halls and eventually had enough of all the art, so we decided to do another cultural thing: go shopping! We walked to Le Marais, the vintage area, where we saw many fashionable boys and girls. We were both dying to buy a typical French 'je ne sais quoi' camel coat, but ended up not buying anything. Wise, yes. Satisfying, no. In stead of desperately buying something we didn't wanted, we decided to buy the thing we didn't have any problems with: food and wine!

That night, our last night in Paris, we drank two cheap ass bottles of wine at Jordi's home and gave him his present. Paula had come up with the great idea to make a book for Jordi with an assignment for each week. We came up with pretty awesome things, such as: hug everyone who is mean or arrogant to you. And honestly, those kind of people, you have them a lot in Paris! After this surprise, we went to Bastille, which was supposed to be the most crowded area to go out. It probably will be on Fridays or Saturdays, but Wednesdays definitely not. Everything closed at 2... But that didn't stop us from drinking mojitos and having discussions on the Paris streets in the middle of the night.
The next day we had one thing to cross of our list - better said, my list - that is: visiting Jim Morrison's grave at Pere Lachaise. I actually already had been there about 8 years ago, but in that time I had no idea who The Doors were, how much I would love Jim Morrison in the future and how mysterious graveyards were. Unfortunately, our planning wasn't perfect, so we ended up stressfully walking across the graves, looking for a grave in the giant maze that is Pere Lachaise. Eventually, we stumbled upon Mr. Mojo Risin's resting place. It was a subtle grave, yet good to see it finally.
After a few quick photos, I had to rush to go to the bus station, since my bus would leave that afternoon. Paula would stay another day, since she had more time and I had things to do on Friday. Working life started again... It may have been a short trip, but it was a busy and enjoyable one for sure. We'll be back in a couple of months, cause a friend who lives in Paris, is a perfect reason to go a bit more often than normal. Though we don't need a reason of course, for Paris is always a good idea! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer's Over

Well okay, technically summer isn't over. It's just starting again in Amsterdam. It's been so bloody cold and rainy recently, but today the sun reappeared on the Dutch skies. As for my freedom, it's been lessened, since university is starting again tomorrow.

Time really flew this summer. Since I decided not to go to Israel - and had the feeling my summer would be dead boring this year - I've been busy almost every day. It was mostly work that occupied me, but festivals, parties and couchsurfers as well. Anyway, that fun may not be over, but fact is that the books are back!
Am I sorry for it? Not that much, to be honest. Yes, the obligations will be paying off, in a few weeks I will be stressed and depressed again, but on the other hand, I love to learn, I love to read and I love to be busy. A nerd is what you might call me, but a proud nerd is what I am.

That also has something to do with my courses. Few people would deny their coolness, seriously. I mean, 'American History', 'Music & Psychology' and 'What is Creativity?' Can't wait to find out what they imply :)
The downside is that I already know I won't be having a lot of time, since I will also be working a lot, working on my portfolio and planning to spend more time relaxing - as in: read more, buy more records and cook more. With whom, that's the question, but myself is good company as well. What's the downside, you might wonder.

The downside is that I already know I won't be posting as much as a year - or two - ago. You might have been used to it the past few months, but I just wanted to excuse myself, before you begin to hate me! Okay overreacting now, but I do want everyone to know I love to keep my blog up to date and will be putting all the effort in it I can - even though that might not always work out the way I want it. But a cool Paris post is coming up, so even if you've lost track of my blog because of the few posts, keep an eye on it this week! 
Good luck on your new year as well and may everyone have a splendid September. Cheers!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wild Romance

God, how I love this editorial. The extremely handsome bearded man you see is Michiel Huisman, a Dutch actor. He was one of the leading parts in my favourite show as a child: Costa, a corny Dutch show filled with sun, sex and Spanish coasts. Now, 14 (!) years later, he has a part in one of my current favourite shows: Game of Thrones. I haven't seen that many episodes, so I haven't seen him perform yet, but looking at these photos, I'm sure it's gonna be a hell of an experience :)
Fashion editorials starring a guy and a girl are always quite tricky. They can look oh so cheesy but also very good. This one turned out to be breathtakingly beautiful, if you ask me. The simplicity, the environment, the Wild West feeling to it, perfect. Don't we all wish to have a romance like this in the wilderness?
Glamour August 2014
Photography: Will Davidson
Models: Michiel Huisman & Valentina Zelyaeva