Wild Young Minds: June 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Test Week

God I've been so incredibly busy lately. On this moment, I've finished all the projects and presentations for school, so now the test week starts. I've got seven tests to go, which means STUDY STUDY STUDY
blugh, I really really really hate it.
thank god, sunday is a day off, cause I'm going to the sauna with my mom! She gave it to me for my b'day, a pedicure, facial and massage. I think I'mma need that in the middle of my test week! In one week I've got vacation, can't wait (: the first thing I'm gonna do is drink a cocktail in the city (hihi, that's what we always say when we mean Den Bosch, 'de stad' translated 'the city', but when I hear it, I'll think about New York or London or so you know, definitely NOT Den Bosch) but whatever, I can't wait till final freedom. Until that, I'll be working hard, and then I mean really hard.
Wish me g'luck!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson 25-06-2009

It's been a whole year since The King of Pop died.

I remember when I heard the news. I was getting ready for school and I heard it on the radio. WHAAAAAAAAAAT??! I couldn't believe it! The weeks after I followed all the news about him, listened to all of his songs again - and again - and again. His funeral was heartbreaking. There were a lot of people who were very shocked and claimed they were a big fan, but they didn't listen to Michael before and nowadays they've already forgotten it. Well, I didn't. I've always been a fan of him, his music is exactly what a like - and the fact that it's so famous doesn't change a thing about it. I've found his records: 'Bad', 'Thriller', 'Off the Wall' and many of the records of the Jackson Five. It hurts me that his family overtaxes the dead of Michael. Joe Jackson - his father - only wants money, money, money. It's disgusting.
I still think it's inconceivable how this genius can turn in such a wacko. It's a mystery to me, and I guess it'll always stay a mystery, but maybe that's what makes him so special. For the last time: Give it up for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson!


Happy B'day to my dear friend, Charlotte! She's already 17 (:
Looking forward to her birthday tonight with lots of food, drinks and football, the Netherlands - Cameroon.

Oooh by the way, England and the USA both made it to the eight finals! I'm happy for England cause I'm going there next month and they deserve it. I believe they haven't won the world championship since 1966 or so. And the USA, well that's just the USA, you know ;)
I don't want Brasil, Argentina or Germany to win the competition, because the first two have won too many already and everybody thinks they'll win so it would be nice if they wouldn't. And Germany is the enemy of Holland in football, so that's why. Moreover, I'm joining the poule for the world championship, but I'm not doing so well hihi! It'd be very odd if I'd win it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Black and White


Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get -- Forrest Gump's momma


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


She wants to move. She wants to move. And she did, yeaah she did!
Saturday I went to Mundial with Ramai.
I did the stupidest thing you can imagine when going to a festival. What did I do? I forgot the tickets! Left them at home... Thank god I found out at the station in Den Bosch, so we didn't had a huge problem. I just had to go ride home and back to the station. When we arrived at Mundial I immediatelly liked the atmosphere.

I bumped into a girl from school, who was handing out some leaflets about 'Edukans', a charity. We walked around the park (it was in Tilburg) and when we arrived at the 'Because I'm a girl' stage, where two persons with afros were getting ready for their perfomance. They were called 'Please' and they had won the 'The Next Big Band' contest. They were very good! The leadsinger was a boy from around 20 years old, he showed us some hiphop and the other person was a girl (it was so funny, we actually thought it was a boy! she didn't wear any make-up and she wore oversized clothes) who sang beautifully.

When that show was over, we saw some African groups and we put our signature against Shell (long story and not very interesting), we saw all the little shops and we bought some Thais Food.

Although, I did, Ramai bought dutch Frites (:
And then it was already evening. Around 10 minutes before 10, N.E.R.D. arrived on stage. We were standing next to the stage. Pharrell was amazing! God, he's attractive. He was wearing Ray-Bans, a white shirt and blue jeans, which he took out during the show. Mjamm. I made a lot of photos but nearly all of them failed, because everybody was jumping and I couldn't find any rest to take a picture. One moment Pharrell wanted to see at least 20 people crowdsurfing before he would start a song. And of course 20 people crowdsurfed. It lasted till 11 o'clock and then we went home by bus, by train and by bike. It was pretty damn nice!

Hi there!

Sorry for not posting that much recently, but I've been very very busy.
But... this is something I really need to tell you: My jacket is found! And my keys (:
I'm so happy! Mariko asked the 'Winkel van Sinkel' and they didn't find it and then she asked all her classmates and they didn't see it either, so I've given up the hope already actually.. but yesterday she called and she found my jacket between the lost properties. I'm picking it up at the station saturday.

And it's going to be fantastic weather this weekend, which makes me really happy!
When school's finished it's perfect, but up till then, work work work
Though I'll blog about Mundial later this day, 'cause I've fucking seen Pharrell, and I'm kinda in love right now (:

Ciaooo! xx Bente

Thursday, June 17, 2010

HKU Fashion Show 16 june 2010

Hallelujah, it was amazing.
Let me start at the beginning.
I arrived at the 'Winkel van Sinkel' (a giant club/store in Utrecht) at 9 o'clock in the morning. The shows were at 5, 7 and 9 PM, so that's a model's life: waiting, waiting and waiting. There were about a hundred models for about 16 designers. Our group had seven models: Chloe, Carmen, Elselijn, Nienke, Charlotte, Aaltje and me. They were very nice! We sat outside in the sun for a few hours untill we had to go to make-up and hair. I believe we sat for an hour in the make-up, they made our faces very heavy and dark with purple and pink eyeshadow. They used everything you can imagine: eyeliner, mascara, fake eyelashes, eyeliner for our eyebrows (so they were very thick and black, and mine already are :O) then they did our hair. My hairdresser was head of the crew, he was so extreminely gay but so incredibly funny! They curled our hair in these tiny curls, we had to leave the curlers in for the entire day untill half an hour for the first show, so my head bearly jumped out of my.. o wait, head, because they were so tight. Around 4.30 they took them off and they started backcombing our hair, so eventually, we had this big afro a la Diana Ross. One girl had short hair and they did curl her hair so she actually looked like Michael Jackson! It was wicked :)

Around 1 o'clock we had to do the rehearsal and the women who took care of the timing was very cranky and stressed, so she made me even more nervous! I kept walking too fast or too slow. Everybody did, though.
Around 4 o'clock was the general repition, it had to be around 3 o'clock but everything took a little longer than expected. It went okay, we had to stand in the line-up with all the models. We (by we I mean me and the six other models who walked for Mariko and Suzanna) had to walk two times. It was very exciting!
The shows went really good! We had to hurry up in between the show of Suzanna and the show of Mariko, but everything went absolutely fine. Although during the first show Nienke slipped and her heels fell of, but she walked straight on and I believe everyone in the audience thought it was part of the show. After Mariko's show we got a big big applause and cheers! I got to walk the finale three times together with Suzanna, the designer. Like you always see in magazines, the designer hand in hand with one model. I was really honored. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!
You have no idea which reservations I saw on the seets in the audience. Viktor & Rolf, atelier (though nobody even showed up), people from ELLE, Kim Lee from Gsus, Milou van Rossum of the Volkskrant, the NRC Next, it was awesome!
When the show finished I had to hurry up for my train, but the travelling costs needed taken care of, so me and another model, had to wait. And when we finally could go, we had to hurry. We ran all the way to the station, through Hoog Catharijne, with giant afro's and make-up, me on bare foot (cause I couldn't stand my sandals anymore) and we were like whatever, we don't know anyone (well I actually did know some girl, but we didn't recognize each other completely hihi). And when I was in the train, I found out I forgot my jacket! I left it backstage. And ten minutes later I found out my keys were in the pocket of my jacket! O no.... Typically me. So freaking stupid. I hope Mariko can find it tomorrow, so I can pick it up, but otherwise I'm screwed.. I have my back-up keys, but still.
O yeah, one other thing. I'd like to pronounce that not everything you hear about models is true ;) They do eat. We had some delicious sandwiches between the shows, salmon and herb cheese and ham.
O and some models were wearing giant heels, which I had to try on during the casting too, but I didn't walk for that designer eventually, and they fell two times on stage. Everybody was shocked, the music stopped. That must've been horrible for those girls. But everybody clapped their hands, so the show was saved.
It really was an amazing experience, and I hope I'll get another one too soon!

Lots of love, xxxx

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

London calling, see we ain't got no high, except for that one with the yellowy eyes

Fitting HKU

'Walk Walk Fashion Baby...'
Yesterday I had the fitting and rehearsal of the fashion show of the HKU in Utrecht.
We had to be there at 7 PM and we were finished at 10 PM, it was really nice!
At first I was a bit nervous because I had never walked a runway before and there were professional models there. I had to remind myself to look straight forward, because I keeped looking down to focus on the choreography. I'm walking for two designers: Suzanna and Mariko. For Suzanna's show we (me and six other models) have to walk straight on till the end of the catwalk, then go back halfway and make a sort of an angle. I have to wear a really long and wide dress, it's pink with orange. Her entire collection is that style, pink, orange, brown, yellow. We have to walk very slow and that isn't easy when you're wearing gigantic heels! O and one thing was very funny, although, it was funny aferwards. When I arrived at the HKU I had to try on my shoes (size 42) but the shoe I was trying on didn't fit. It looked like three sizes smaller than my foot actually are... So I said: 'I'm sorry, but there's no way I'm fitting in these shoes'. And they said: 'Oh no, you have to, it are the only big sizes we got'. So I waited a few minutes because my feet were also swollen because it was so hot. And then I tried the other one and that one fitted amazing! So they grabbed the wrong one, the first shoe I was trying on was size 39. So stupid...

The second show we practiced was Marriko's. I've got to open and nearly close the show, so cool! I have to wear a sort of pants with lots of wire so you'll see my legs but it's still a pants. And a lace top with pearls. And then a woolen vest. It's very innovative, I love it!
It was a lot of fun (and very useful) practing the show but after three hours I was very happy to take off my heels. Wow, couldn't remember the relieved feeling of standing on your flat foots again.
Tomorrow is the show, I'm really looking forward to it! I'll post all photos here (:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reloaded, this time I'll be bulletproof

Dalai Lama Quote

'We are visitors on this planet. We are here for ninety or one hundred years at the very most. During that period, we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives. If you contribute to other people's happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life’. Dalai Lama

Friday, June 11, 2010

Four weeks

We've only got four weeks to finish everything at school! O dear, that's depressing, I don't have any time at all...
But things I'm looking forward to:
7 july: done with all my tests!
8 july: with our school to The Hague, afterwards BBQ
9 july: exam party from one of my friends in Eindhoven
10 july: North Sea Jazzzzz, with: Macy Gray, ROX, Giovanca, Al Green, Waylon, The Roots!
11 july: North Sea Jazzzz, with: Quincy Jones, Katie Melua, Joss Stone, Sven Hammond Soul and Stevie Wonder!
14 till 19 july: LONDON, baby!
22 till 26 july: Barcelona, tesoro!
And then free time, sunning, relaxing, doing absolutely nothing. what a wonderful thought :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I cannot believe PVV and VVD won the elections

Yesterday were the elections in the Netherlands.
Until this year it didn't bother me at all, I wasn't following anything at all.
Maybe it's because I recently read the newspaper (I know, isn't that amazing! well, I should if I want to become a journalist) or because I'm very concerned about what's happening to the politics right now.
I'm not gonna write 5 pages about my opinion about all these things, because I'm just not feeling like that, BUT I'll tell you quickly what happened in the Netherlands.

Well, we have the left parties and the right parties.
The right parties are more liberal and the left more social (they want good things for everyone in the country, not just for the rich people and the people who already have it good). Our minister-president Balkenende has left the building, finally! I was so sick people from outside the Netherlands were saying 'Yeaaaah, I know him, he's that gut that looks like Harry Potter!' Well yes he does. But I don't want him to be the symbol of the Netherlands. Naha. I do have a little bit of feeling for our country (though I can't wait to leave it!)

Anyway, the party of Balkenende failed extremely. The VVD (a liberal party, who promises to do something about the economical crisis, yeah right, by giving the rich people even more money and the poor and middle-class people nothing, sure) has won incredibly much votes. Just as the PVV, the worst party in the Netherlands. Sorry, but how stupid are those people who vote for the PVV? They really know nothing about politics! The PVV (Party of Freedom, I know, I love freedom, but freedom doesn't mean throwing all moslims and people born outside our country out of here, it means being free to be yourself, stand for what you believe in, be different as everybody else) I don't want everybody to be this typical Dutch person, I want a multicultural society. And the PVV wants to build more highways, doesn't want to stop the breeding establishemts, nuclear centrals and maybe the most important thing for me: the PVV wants to abrogate the culture schools, like the HKU, AMFI, Sint Lucas. Any school where you can study for photography, fashion, film, etc, etc. Why would you want to destroy a country's culture? Let's throw everybody's creativity away and make it a stupid, boring country. Explain that to me, Wilders!

So if I were eighteen I would've voted for GroenLinks or D66, they know what they're talking about. That's my opinion.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lily Flower

Sunny afternoon

Love the make-up!

I don't really like Katy Perry.
I don't really like Katy Perry's style.
And I don't really like Katy Perry's hair on this picture.
But what I do like about Katy Perry is her make-up on this picture, during the MTV Movie Awards she rocked the beauty stage with her make-up. The eye-liner is perfect, god I wish I could create something like that on my own face.
Like to say it again.. I HATE HER HAIR on this picture ;) but the make-up...

Some people...

Blugh, I hate people who feel to damn good about themselves...
Man, screw them! I'm sorry, those people really provoke me. blugh

Monday, June 7, 2010

Life motto

'Dream is if you'll live forever, but live as if you'll die today'

Stands exactly for what I believe in ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Simple in Stripes

shirt - H&M
jeans - Only
sandals - Primark
belt - Zara


Hi everyone!

I'm feeling bloody nauseuous, my stomach hurts and I'm deadly tired.
Not very weird as you think I've only slept for 2 hours this night, regained three hours this afternoon, so that does help a little. Yesterday I worked 11 hours, with only half an hour break, and the weather here was like the hottest it can get in Holland (27 degrees) so I was sweating my damn shirt all over.
And then I decided to go out with a friend and it was very nice!
We had a few drinks (as Charlotte in SATC 2, she's sooooo funny when she keeps repeating 'Well, I don't know... I don't know', but that has nothing to do with the story I was telling of course) and when we went to sleep it was almost light and the birds (I love birds, they're amazing, but this ones....) couldn't keep their stupid beaks shut. So I woke up feeling horrible. By the way, I was also already having a cold. I'm just gonna stay in my house and watch some America's Next Topmodel, read some books or work on my scrapbook.

Bye bye, lovers!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Whitney Port blog


Hey guys,I took advantage of the warm weather on Wednesday and wore one of my new favorite vintage dresses. I paired it with Modern Vintage flats, Ray Bans, and a...

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