Wild Young Minds: December 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016

The bravery to blame yourself

Another year has come to an end
It's time to reflect upon the way it was spent
What have you learned, what have you gained
How was it formed and how was it framed

We read in the papers that it was a year filled with sorrow
We understand that there's no guarantee for a brighter tomorrow
We learned that there are victims and villains out there
We accept that the road is long and the outcome unfair

Who is to blame for the direction our world is heading to
Is it Mr. Trump, is it IS, is it capitalism or is it... who?
We cry, we scream, we feel left behind and forsaken
We're unsatisfied with the steps our leaders have taken

But would we do better when we would be in the same position?
Would we gather people who also believe in an idealist mission?
Or is power a pain in the ass and should we be happy to be on the side?
Isn't it easier not to have a country to guide?

People have the power but are unsure how to use it in a proper way
So instead we think we know better and always have something to say
Progression is important, but sometimes we should take a step back
And forget all our prejudices against left or right and white or black

We point to others in order to find a reason for the daily pain
While we forget that sometimes we're the ones to blame
Your personality is seen as a product of your parents and friends
But in reality those are where it begins and not where it ends

Why don't we try to look deep within and face the fear
It might cause some trouble and it might cause a tear
Blaming another is easy but will lack a reward
Changing yourself might be a more satisfying start