Wild Young Minds: May 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Run this Town

This town means in this case Den Bosch, a bit sad actually.
But well, I had a running match today in my city, where I ran 5 kilometres. I know, not that much, but I see it as a base to start training fanatic from now on.
That reminds me, I didn't even tell you I'm quitting soccer.
I'm too busy with all sorts of other things and I just don't enjoy it that much anymore. In a year I didn't make a lot of progress and it's one of my things, don't know if it's good or bad, I need to make progress. I can't stand the fact that I'm not amazing in soccer, so I don't enjoy it enough anymore.
And now I'm seriously focusing on running. Training for 10 kilometres and later on 15 and then the half marathon (don't know how to say it in English) and my true goal is the marathon. In New York ofcourse.
Imagine running over the Brooklyn Bridge, through Fifth Av and Central Park. That must be the best feeling on earth, like you're in heaven or something, you know how they always say it. Well, I sure want to run THAT town!
But it's gonna take some time till I'm there, and during that time I'm just gonna keep on training and training and training. Because, although I'm quitting soccer, I ain't no quitter, I won't ever give up.

Photos of the 'Vestingloop' are coming soon!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Alicia Keys is pregnant!

Congrats to Miss Keys and her boyfriend Swiss Beatz.
May they raise up just as much of a (little) superwoman as her mother is.


We're doing nothing anymore at school. It's so frustrating, I'm so bored.
Just sitting in class, doing nothing, hoping school'll finish soon.
And I'm so unbelieveably busy.
Like this week, I was away every single day.
Working, football, schoolpaper, party in Utrecht, working. I love this life, being busy and stuff, but I hate the fact that I also got to do something for school. One and a half month and it's finally over. Vacation. Freedom. Hallelujah.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paris, je t'aime

I'm a keeper

I'd like to inform you about my lifeee.
I signed in for the Fancy Model Search, and last tuesday I received a mail which said I'm one of the 300 that accomplished the next round. Out of thousands of girls. Yeaaah! Let's hope I'll reach the next round, because out of these 300 girls 100 are picked to come to the casting day, so I'm really hoping I'm on of those girls!

And yesterday I had a casting for a fashion show for the HKU in Utrecht, for the girls that study fashion. They took pictures of me, they measured my sizes and I had to walk a few times. They were very enthousiast! There were more girls that wanted to photographe me, and one girl (she was really nice) said about me: 'She totally fits with us! She's a keeper! So I was very happy about that. I also had to fit some oufits a girl made, it was very fashion, I loved it! It's for 99% sure I'm gonna walk that show. And I'll miss one or two school days, but I don't worry about that! Not at all, hihi :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Wow, that took a long time..
Before I finally blog something about my birthday (8 days ago). I'm sorry, but I really wasn't looking forward to put those pictures on my computer. Don't know why, but I really hate to do that :)
Anyway, my birthday was an amazing day! When I woke up I had a delicious breakfast (croissant with cheese and a biscuit with strawberries) and my lovely parents gave me my presents. A day to relax, including massage, pedicure and facial. And a coupon for the cinema. I got dressed (pink wide shirt, skinny jeans and my highest heels), watched some Gossip Girl, listened to my records and waited till my grandpa and grandma were coming.
When they came I had a piece of pie, strawberry curd. Jammmmmmmmie. And we were chatting and stuff, and then suddenly the bel rang. Four of my best friends were standing there with a chocolatepie (and a little candle that said 16!) I was very surprised! I invited them inside, but they said I had to look around first. So I went outside and we live in front of a roundabout. They put papers with photos of me and 'Bente 16!' on every traffic sign. So cool! It was very sweet of them.
So we chatted all morning and around 13 o'clock they left, as my grandpa and grandma did. Then we (me, my mom and my dad) went to a record market, and I bought a couple of fine records! Stevie Wonder, the Beatles (love them in summer), Madonna and Motown. They were all for, like, 1,50 per record. We drove to the station to pick up my brother. Guess what he bought me! Two American magazines (OMG, I love America and I love magazines): ELLE and VOGUE. Yeaaaaah.
Later that day my aunt came for dinner. I chose what we were gonna eat. And drink. We had rosé, white wine, Mojito's and Campari. We started with some sushi (how stylish) followed by gamba's. The main meal was puffed potatoes with tzatziki, chicken wings and salad. And as dessert Ben & Jerry's. Mmmmmmmm, that sure tasted good!

In the evening my little friend Avalonnie stayed over and the only thing we did was talking and laughing and talking and laughing, etc. And she got me a I(L)Roma shirt (cause she went to Rome in the vacation and I didn't.

Other presents I got were: Lancome mascara and the delicious parfum 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs. O MY GOD, I love that one!
And now I'm sixteen! And my Sweet Sixteen has officialy ended. For over a week. Ssssssshhhht :P

Lots of Love, Bente

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brigitte Bardot

The station of Den Bosch (the town where I live), the crisis of the global capitalism and Brigitte Bardot. What on earth do they have in common?
Exactly, not much.
Aside from the fact that I had to give a presentation of those three subjects these last two days. And they all went good!
But that's not what I was going to say.
I'm not gonna bore you with stupid information about train stations or capitalism, but Brigitte Bardot is interesting, isn't she?

A French superstar, an iconish actress, model and singer.
She was born in 1934 in Paris, as the daughter of a dad who was industrial and a mom at home. She loved classical dance.

When she was 15 the director of ELLE Magazine spotted her and casted her for the cover. A lot of shoots were following and later on 48 films and more than 80 songs. Her most famous one is: 'Et dieu...crea la femme'

She was a legend in the fifties and sixties. She has been married for four times and she has one child. She hated her pregnancy, because she didn't want to become a mother.

In 1973 she stopped her acting work for the work of protecting animals. She has her own foundation: Brigitte Bardot Foundation. She has had a lot of critic on immigration, homosexuality and the islam in France.
She was a fashion icon. Think big eye-liner, big, blonde hair, the Breton stripes, squares, hats and hair ribbons. Cette éléments sont aujourd’hui encore très en vogue! B.B. est un mythe vivant, une modèle sociale et un sex-symbol international

Love this song, it's been used for the commercial of the French Parfum, 'Miss Dior Chérie'

“My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing.”

Well, Jessica Alba can sure were everything.
If I could choose which girl I could look like, it'd definitely be Jessica Alba, she has a perfect figure, a lovely face and she's got a fabulous attitude.
She's Canadian, French, Danish, Mexican and American.
Regardless, I really love this outfit.
It's very simple, but yet beautiful.
Great bag, nice top and powerful shorts.
Sometimes basics are all you need, right?
And look at the little kiddie, how adorable! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Silence of Art

You'll probably know I've shooted with Marlou a few times.
Well, yesterday I did a shoot for Annemiek, an other friend, who's doing her admission for the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). She has a lot of paintings, which she wanted Marlou to photographe, but on an original way.So she thought about making pictures on the water, with a model who could hold her paintings and do abstract poses. And they thought about me, immediately. So I was very honoured! And I loved to do it. So yesterday Annemiek and I drove to Marlou's house and we went to this small place near her house. A lake and trees and cane were the ingredients for the pictures.
They did my make-up, especially the mouth is really cute, I think!And I had to wear an entire black outfit, black panties, a black bodysuit and black panties on my head. Really funny when you think of it (more something you do as a little child) but the result looks fabulous!
It was amazing to do! Standing on a beer crate with paintings in your hand on the water, never thought I would ever do that!The weather was absolutely amazing, by the way. It was very sunny, the strong wind was less nice, it made it very hard to stand on the crate with one leg and not fall in the water.
But thank god, I didn't!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long time no post.

Shame on me! I'm so sorry, but I haven't posted the whole weekend and my birthday.
And I've got lots to tell!
I promise I'll post something tomorrow, for I also hate it when bloggers I follow don't post, and now I'm doing it myself -.-
Tomorrow I'm gonna upload my photos of my birthday, which was absolutely amazing by the way!

Look what I've got:

See you tomorrow!

Lots of love, Bente

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Saw the best episode of Gossip Girl today in ages, man it was awesome.
Blair and Serene had a fight and made it up, and wow Blake Lively acted amazing.
Really, really impressing.
Jenny has made everyone hate her (especially Eric) except in the end, all the scholars don't. She's the Queen Bee of Constance, Gossip Girl said 'Nobody puts Jenny in the corner, she's had the time of her life'. So Dirty Dancing!
And Dan, Vanessa and Olivia had a treesome, how weird!
Well, I really loved it, the perfect end of my 15-year old life, hihi.

My last day as a 15-year old

One more day!
At the end of a year, I want to think about all good things that happened last year.
So, here they are:
- Mentally and physically feeling better ;)- Made lots of new friends
- Went to Greece, summerlovin'!
- Went to see Alicia Keys, Joss Stone, Jason Mraz and The Noisettes.- Berlin.
- Carnavallll
- Started my blog, before I forget!
- Found two jobs.
- Became champion with soccer.
- Became crazier than I ever was.
- Did some things people wouldn't expect of me.
- Watched a lot of Gossip Girl, fell in love with Chuck and adored the clothes and the city and the style.- Have fall even more in love with New York, Paris, London, Barcelona and South-Africa.
- Have eaten too many tosti's, cake and chocolate sprinkles than good for a person.
- Did fantastic shoots and have been asked for Benelux' Next Topmodel.
- Started my scrapbook, inspired by too many ELLE's and Glamour's in my closet.
- Went shopping, like every week or two times a week xD- Have bought a new I-pod classic, mobile phone and LP-player.
- And more than fifty LP's.
- Feelinggggggggggggggggg good, better than any year before.
And I'm sure sixteen will be an even better year, because I'm allowed to go out, drink, drive a scooter (not that I want to) and outrage myself. It's my life and it's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever.

Lots of Love, Bente