Wild Young Minds: May 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Everybody Wants to be Famous"

Every now and then I hear a song for the first time (this time on Radio6, not a big surprise, I know) and I fall in love with it right away. I immediately downloaded the album of this artist, Julian Velard, it's called 'Mr. Saturday Night' and it's really good. Funny how you can expect something totally different from a face when you hear a song. Cause the first sound of this song made me think this was an older, almost black man (I have to say that the album version has that more than this YouTube clip) and then you see this white, young man playing the piano in the clip. Well, something to cherish as well I guess, cause Joss Stone has that as well and it's marvellous.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Strength in the eyes

When I was just a little girl of five years old
All I wanted was a cuddly toy, to have and to hold
The world seemed so innocent, so pure and so sweet
With my little friends I would play a game called trick or treat
Or I would bother my parents with questions all the time
And if someone wanted my ice-cream I would say:
‘Give it back, it’s mine!’

When I was a bit older, let’s say ten years old
You had to be cool; at least that was what I’d been told
I became aware that people had an opinion about one another
So I behaved like my friends and attached from my mother
I know I was young but it doesn’t make me proud
I had my own things but always wanted to belong to the crowd

Then there was the time that I was fourteen years old
Slightly I had the feeling I was able to unfold
But fact of the matter was that I was insecure and didn’t know why
The people all thought I was oh so quiet and very shy
I was, I can honestly say that’s a true fact
But at least the way I behaved was real, nothing was an act

Now that I am almost eighteen years old, I feel
That it’s most important to be completely and utterly real
At sixteen I had changed a lot and felt so wise
I was able to look at someone with strength in my eyes
At seventeen I finally feel I can go my own way
I know people talk but I don’t really care what they say

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Once were warriors

Recently I was reading the second issue of our Dutch Vogue (have you already seen the cover? It's amazing, gives you a real spring feeling by the light colours and Lara Stone), when I saw this amazing shoot. I was really blown away. Fabulous colours, the clothes are extraordinary and the model just matches completely with the concept, which I see as Lost meets Avatar meets fashion. Petrovsky & Ramone (Dutch duo photographer) can't make anything that isn't amazing, I guess.

Rianne Ten Haken by Petrovsky & Ramone for Vogue Netherlands

Sunday, May 6, 2012

You can leave your hat on

Sophie Vlaming for Elle Magazine, she really is my all-time favourite model.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

She's got everything she needs, she's an artist, she don't look back

She can take the dark out of the nighttime
And paint the daytime black

She wears an Egyptian ring
That sparkles before she speaks
She's a hypnotist collector
You are a walking antique.

This song has one of the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard.
Very subtile yet strong.
It's not certain about whom it is exactly but it's probably about Joan Baez (the fellow folk singer) and even though it's an anti-love song, it is really appealing. Maybe because it's an anti-love song. Bob Dylan always wanted to do the opposite from what was expected.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Living in the city

No, it won't be New York, and no, it won't be Paris either, but from August I'll be living in the most beautiful city of the Netherlands: Amsterdam.
Because yes, I have a room!

Yesterday I was having a look in the building with a friend of mine. The aunt of my mother told me her granddaughter lived there, so I signed up for an information evening and well, that evening was yesterday. The building isn't finished yet, that's why a part of the contract is that we, the 260 students that will be living there, will work 48 hours this summer to help finishing the building. I'm very curious what they want me to be, cause I'm afraid I'm not a great construction worker. But my friends/family can help and their hours will be part of the 48 hours I have to fill, so that's gonna be a lot of fun.

The building is located in Amsterdam Sloterdijk, facing the Slotervaart hospital. Very close to the building there's a metro station so I'm very happy with that. The room will be very small (about 11 m2) but the price is amazing: only 265,50 euros per month. We will be sharing toilets, showers and kitchen with a group. There'll be about 4 groups per floor and about 16 persons per group. I hope to have nice housemates but I'm sure that'll work out fine. Almost turning into a positive person here ;)

When the building is finished, there'll also be a restaurant and a bar. Great, right? And one of the best things is, the friend that was joining me that evening will be my neighbour next year! After we signed the contract (quite thrilling to do without your parents, for one moment I really felt like a grown-up already!) we walked through Amsterdam laughing and being extremely happy. We looked like two antisocial people staring at our mobiles and telephoning as well.

So, after my exams I'll probably be spending a lot of time deciding how to decorate my room, buying things like pans, glasses, etc. Can't wait till the time is there.