Wild Young Minds: The MET: exhibition Alexander McQueen

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The MET: exhibition Alexander McQueen

As you'll probably all know, I'm going to New York in one week time!
First a couple of days Paris and then my trip to the capital of the world begins. But don't worry, this isn't a blog about my trip. Let's face it: if I would talk about it a lot more, you'll probably kill me with a look of envy on your face. Or wouldn't you? ;) Wouldn't blame you though, if I had to put up with the fact that someone was going to NY in a week time and I wasn't going, well.. I don't even dare to think about the jealousy I would feel.
And besides, I'll blog about my trip a lot more.. when it's finished. You'll see all the photos and hear the stories first.

But for now, I'd like to relate something different. As you will probably know as well, last year the talented fashion designer Alexander McQueen commited suicide. Alexander McQueen, who was born in London, studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Fashion and Art. After he graduated, he had the privilege to become head designer of Givenchy in only a few years time. Yes, talented he was.

He started his own label as well and was famous for his controversial designs. Hightech elements but also natural elements. The bigger the better. One of his last collections 'The Origin of the Species' includes crab shoes and reptile patterns. His last collection with all the gold and rococco details, was one of my favorite collections of all time.

The link between New York and Alexander McQueen is the biggest museum in the entire world: the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in the Upper East Side. The museum will have an exhibition 'Savage Beauty' to honour Alexander McQueen. It will focus on some extravagant pieces and will tell us something about the designer himself as well.

The exhibition starts in May which is perfect, since I'm going to the MET anyway, I can take a look at this exhibition myself as well! At least, I hope I'll be able to do that, and otherwise, you know, I'll just sneak out ;)

Let us hope this is a way to commemorate Alexander McQueen a bit more, for the talent that he was.


  1. Whiehoee!!
    Ik ben echt bij om te horen dat jij ook naar Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art wil. Want ik wilde dat ook kei graag maar ging er een soort van vanuit dat niemand dat wilde. En nu ik weet dat Savage beauty er is wil ik sowieso.
    Dus, gezellig samen naar MET dan?
    Ik kan trouwens echt niet geloven dat we over een weekje al in het vliegtuig zitten! :o
    x Maartje

  2. Goed plan!
    Lijkt me echt een geweldige tentoonstelling, hoop wel echt dat we mogen doen wat we willen in de MET.
    I know, ik kan echt niet wachten!