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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Larry Graham concert

Last friday I was listening to Radio6 (great radio station with lots of soul, jazz and r&b music) while I was learning and they pronounced a contest. You could win two tickets for Larry Graham's concert in Tivoli next november. I guess you've never heard of this man, who's bloody brilliant actually.

Larry Graham was the bass guitarist of the funk and soul band Sly & the Family Stone from '66 to '72. Nowadays he's performing solo or as the lead singer of the band Graham Central Station (yes, after Grand Central Station in New York). Larry Graham is known for his fabulous technique on the bass, it's called plumming. He invented it. I saw Larry Graham and his band at North Sea last year, where he gave a very good concert.

Anyway, the contest was filling a gap in a song of Sly & the Family Stone. The song is called 'Everyday people' and the line was like this: 'Cause I aaaaaaaam everyday ...'. It was a really easy question, so I mailed the answer immediately. Five minutes later I was called by Radio6 and they wanted me in the show! So the host of the morning show, Jaap, asked me a few questions and after answering the question again I had won two tickets for Larry Graham!

I'm really looking forward to a concert again (especially since last time was Lowlands and that is more than two months ago and I am a real concert junkie) and can't wait to see Larry Graham again!

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