Wild Young Minds: New Year's Resolutions

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

As 2012 is already 2 days old, it's time to make up a list for good resolutions for next year.

1. Dream bigger, but achieve even more.
2. Plan less, but see what comes on my path. And whatever comes on my path, I'll get it while I can, to quote Janis once more.
3. Read more fairy tales.
4. Go to the movies more often, go to a concert more often.
5. Write more, for myself, in competitions or just on my blog (yes, really!).
6. Run further, I'm planning to do the Dam tot Damloop (in Amsterdam) this year, and many more.
7. Not be afraid to love.
8. Make more money, since I'm going to spend a lot more next year.
9. Attend more parties, enjoy more wine.
10. Get a tattoo. Finally!
11. Buy more vintage.
12. Take more photos, which means: buy a new camera (since the one I have now is driving me insane).
13. Be inspired. Every day. Every hour. And every minute.

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