Wild Young Minds: Vulnerability is the fountain of all fears

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vulnerability is the fountain of all fears

Love is said to be the most powerful thing in the world
It can lift you up and take you to a higher ground
Imagine sitting in a carousel that leaves you feeling twirled
It can brighten up any day and fill it with a sweet sound

But what happens when love is changing its face
Turns into something that makes you feel unsure
It feels like there’s still something you have to chase
Until the love will become firm and I will feel mature

I don’t think I will ever reach that state of mind
I’d rather stay like this and come off cold as ice
Than risking feeling alone and being left behind
Therefore I will always pay a pitiful and high prize

Vulnerability is the fountain of all fears
It holds your feelings all together in one place
Until it bursts into a million heartbreaking tears
And there’s no time for the necessary embrace

Like the carousel the fountain goes on and on forever
And like love you will never be able to stop it
It will happen anyway, so blocking it isn’t very clever
But that’s easier said than done, I have to admit

Written by me.


  1. You only can(have to) block, that what within stirs doubt. Good luck, You'll get there, nice poem. Love the effort for metre and rhyme. :)