Wild Young Minds: Paper planes to stimulate the pain

Monday, April 8, 2013

Paper planes to stimulate the pain

Another morning
Waking up with the sun shining in her face
All those lovers waiting for an embrace
She feels confident of her own glory and grace

Another noon
Her mood has transformed completely now
Everyone she sees receives a raised eyebrow
She wants to kill the guy and she already knows how

Another evening
Anger has changed into bitter sorrow and regret
All she wants is to let him go and above all forget
But it seems impossible and she bends her head

Another night
Sitting on the pavement in her abandoned street
Feeling like she's lost her home, like a 1960s beat
Wishing to feel coldness or even unbearable heat

But she felt nothing since that particular day
No love, no hate, no sorrow and not even rain
The sky wasn't coloured, neither black, it was only grey
And she wished she could feel just a little bit of pain

For numbness is the worst feeling of all
When emotions have left your body, it feels cold
Not even pain to feel when you jump and fall
Like a paper plane she did and let her wings unfold

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