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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Black Swan

Never have I waited so long to see a movie and never have I read so much about a movie in advance. Natalie Portman nominated for an Oscar, she has driven herself to extremities for this part, so has Mila Kunis, and the complete Lanvin collection seemed to be inspired by this movie: 'Black Swan'.

I've had some troubles going there, as you may remember, I wasn't allowed to spend a single penny this month, so going to the movies wasn't going to be an exception. Thank god for my dad, who was so kind to take me there.

As we entered the cinema, the film had already started. It was as if everybody decided to go to the movies that evening, cause it was very crowded. A few single spots were left, so I took my seat and watched the final notes of the opening dance.

We were taken into the hard world of ballet, where girls drive themselves to impossibilities (the fact that you have to dance on pointe shoes is already a cruelty for me) and where directors constantly critize the girls. You have to be extremely thin and you can't go out or drink.

Despite all this, there are millions of girls who are craving to do this, to reach the top of the ballet dancing. Such a girl is Nina (Natalie Portman), a sweet and anxious girl who dances in New York. I won't tell you the entire story, you definitely have to see it for yourself. Anyway, Nina gets the lead role in 'Swan Lake', which is a play about a girl who gets turned into a swan and she needs love to break the spell but her prince falls for the wrong kill so she kills herself. Nina is perfect for the part of the White Swan but the director is afraid she is too sweet to play the role of the Black Swan. Meanwhile, new girl Lily (Mila Kunis) and the forgotten star Beth (Winona Ryder) are introduced to the story.

Nina is asking way too much of herself. She's suffering from psychotic symptons, hallucinations, an eating disorder and she self-mutilation. Some scenes are very macabre: breaking bones and bleeding nails. Shock moments are represented as well ;) So prepare yourself if you're going to this movie. The movie is also about perfection, the desire to be perfect, though it's impossible...

In the end, the climax is incredible. With the help from magnificent costumes, dramatic music and beautiful choreography Nina dances to the end. It's extremely beautiful, though in a dark way.

If Natalie Portman doesn't win an Oscar, I'll hurt myself. Well, no, I'd never do that but I just wanted to express how talented she is. She's given herself in this part, probably lost a lot of weight because she looks très fragile as Nina, but her performances just blew me away.

This is one of the best movies I've seen in the last few years. I didn't get distracted once, my eyes were just fixed at the screen. All the good publicity this movie received during the last few weeks - it's totally justified. I strongly urge you to see this movie in the cinema because the music, the dancing, the performances, the use of the camera, everything falls into place and it would be a shame to see this on a small screen - this movie deserves a giant screen because it's giant.

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