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Sunday, February 27, 2011

respect yourself

I've almost done it, you know.
Didn't spend any money for a whole month, I have so much respect for myself.
Though I may haven't been blogging much about it, didn't want to bore you with my troubles, heart aches and illnesses for not spending any money on clothes, records and other things ;) But february is almost finished, thank the lord, and I managed it. Almost but another day will be possible as well.
Can't wait to see the stores again, I planned to go to Antwerp in my next vacation and I'm going to visit Amsterdam too. Tuesday I'll buy myself a big hot coffee and a cake and I'm going to see 127 hours (with the gorgeous Mr. James Franco in it, who's also nominated for an Oscar for best male performance and is hosting the show this night) and have a few drinks at the Verkadefabriek. Seriously, 28 days is enough and it took a lot of courage but I almost did it (: Chapeau for me! ;) For all of you, I'm not recommending anyone to do this, cause it's also hard to let go of the fun things during this month, like going by train or to a party or someone. Thank god I have some friends who took me there but still, it's better to pay for yourself if you really need to. And typically me, I've written a grand story about something stupid about NOT spending money. Got to go now, bye then!

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