Wild Young Minds: A bottle of rum

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A bottle of rum

Many moments
I longed for a bottle of rum
Cold, pure and white rum
I knew it was waiting downstairs
I knew it was waiting for me to come
Somehow I resisted this temptation
Somehow I knew I had to save the rum
Or I would become a victim of my generation
But the yearning grew bigger and bigger each day
So I grabbed the bottle in my hand and threw it away
For almost three weeks it lay at the bottom of the dustbin
But what I didn’t know was – the danger was about to begin
Because my mum came over at this particular day
I guess she would have found out anyway
She saw the bottle of rum lying beneath some leftover food
And I knew what I had done wasn’t very good
The look on her face said more than words could tell
‘What a waste, my darling, what a smell
Why won’t you just drink it all, and have a bit of fun’
So I did what she told me until all the rum was gone
It burned my mouth and filled my heart with pain
I realised my mother thought it was only champagne
With a loud noise I fell on the stone cold floor
And then there was no daughter anymore
The last words I said was: ‘thank you for the rum’
‘I love you, you’re the best, goodbye my lovely mum’

By me

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