Wild Young Minds: A guardian with white wings

Friday, September 2, 2011

A guardian with white wings

An old man once asked me: ‘what is your true desire?’
I answered: ‘I want to fly, straight to the sky and higher’
‘Why?’ asked the old man with sorrow in his voice
‘To let go and to be freed from all the noise’
‘And you’re not afraid to fall?’ said the old man in disbelief
‘No, because that’s the highest state I can achieve
I don’t want to live here and worry about superficial things in life
I don’t want to be afraid of what’s coming and how I will survive
I prefer spending my time where there’s light
Where there’s hope and no difference between wrong or right
I desire to be a bird so that I can go wherever I want to
If only I knew how I could make that dream come true’
The old man bowed his head and came closer to me
He whispered: ‘I have something for you to see’
The old man grabbed something out of his coat
It was a round package with a tiny blue note
‘Whoever yearns most for the simple things
Will one day find a guardian with white wings’
The man whispered one last thing to me
‘Kid, make a wish and let it run free’
So I tried the best I could and made a prayer
And when I looked around, I saw sparkles everywhere
I wanted to thank the old man but what I saw was weird
A small bird was sitting next to me and the man had disappeared

By me.

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  1. I'm sure that dream will come true ;)
    x ramai