Wild Young Minds: "Everybody Wants to be Famous"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Everybody Wants to be Famous"

Every now and then I hear a song for the first time (this time on Radio6, not a big surprise, I know) and I fall in love with it right away. I immediately downloaded the album of this artist, Julian Velard, it's called 'Mr. Saturday Night' and it's really good. Funny how you can expect something totally different from a face when you hear a song. Cause the first sound of this song made me think this was an older, almost black man (I have to say that the album version has that more than this YouTube clip) and then you see this white, young man playing the piano in the clip. Well, something to cherish as well I guess, cause Joss Stone has that as well and it's marvellous.

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