Wild Young Minds: Strength in the eyes

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Strength in the eyes

When I was just a little girl of five years old
All I wanted was a cuddly toy, to have and to hold
The world seemed so innocent, so pure and so sweet
With my little friends I would play a game called trick or treat
Or I would bother my parents with questions all the time
And if someone wanted my ice-cream I would say:
‘Give it back, it’s mine!’

When I was a bit older, let’s say ten years old
You had to be cool; at least that was what I’d been told
I became aware that people had an opinion about one another
So I behaved like my friends and attached from my mother
I know I was young but it doesn’t make me proud
I had my own things but always wanted to belong to the crowd

Then there was the time that I was fourteen years old
Slightly I had the feeling I was able to unfold
But fact of the matter was that I was insecure and didn’t know why
The people all thought I was oh so quiet and very shy
I was, I can honestly say that’s a true fact
But at least the way I behaved was real, nothing was an act

Now that I am almost eighteen years old, I feel
That it’s most important to be completely and utterly real
At sixteen I had changed a lot and felt so wise
I was able to look at someone with strength in my eyes
At seventeen I finally feel I can go my own way
I know people talk but I don’t really care what they say

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  1. :)
    Be real, but it isn't easy, looking at yourself with the same strength is evident. But just give it a try in real life, some parts you can't see on your own and by yourself.