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Sunday, July 1, 2012

AMFI Transit Show

What a week, what a week.
3 shows, 1 fitting, 1 evening regular work, my graduation ceremony and today to Amsterdam to work in the building where I'm going to live from 1 August (I recently heard I receive the key 1 August so that's great news).
Anyway, sleep is the only thing I'm missing this week but I'll sleep when I'm old.

Monday I had a great show in Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, it was a minor show for the 3rd years. We walked for Anne van den Boogaard, who designed a marvelous collection with lots of colours and ruffles. Our hair and make-up were fabulous as well, I can do my best to explain it but you'll see it on the pictures anyway.

Anne was also selected to show at the AMFI Transit show, that's THE show from the AMFI, where all the graduates show their collection and where a lot of press show their face. Vogue, ELLE, de Volkskrant, etc. A great way for the designers to introduce theirselves and for the models it isn't so bad either.

It was a fantastic day, we had to wait very long and had to be there very early and went home very late (so at home I had to wash my hair like a crazy one, sleep and get up at 6 again for another show) but everyone was really nice and I had a great time anyway. There was a photobooth where we could all make free pictures. And when something like that is free, all models make thousands of pictures, as you will understand. So here's a selection of us (me and the other models of my group) looking like real dolls (but we wore combat boots so that gave a really nice contrast). Watch and learn!

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