Wild Young Minds: north sea jazz part II

Thursday, July 12, 2012

north sea jazz part II

Day 2 had arrived. Feeling a bit more energetic again (thanks to 8 hours of sleep, quite a lot during a festival weekend if you ask me) and full of adrenaline, we rode to Ahoy last saturday noon. After a quick stop at the supermarket because we had the fabulous idea to buy food here because that's much cheaper and so we ate the most delicious yoghurts.

Since the program of saturday afternoon wasn't very spectacular, we made a way through the festival area and then decided to see Trijntje Oosterhuis. Trijntje Oosterhuis is a Dutch singer, she has a very strong voice and fortunately she only sang songs in English (she also made a few Dutch songs but I'm really not into Dutch songs). She did look a bit old and she didn't sing all the notes completely flawless.

Around 6 o'clock we planned to stand in line for an autograph from James Morrison but that wasn't very easy, cause he decided to come half an hour late. I almost took off (I'm quite impatient as you will know if you know me!) but right at that moment he came. Though I'm not a gigantic James Morrison fan (not at all actually, I do like some of his music) I couldn't say no to the opportunity to have his autograph.

We saw him perform a bit later and he gave a good show. I was glad he did a lot of famous songs because I always like to sing along ;)

We also saw Esperanza Spalding, a beautiful dark afro-headed singer, who also plays about every instrument there is. She plays the contrabass, the violin, the clar, the guitar, et cetera. And her voice is amazing as well. We stood up front and had a great time but unfortunately we had to leave earlier for the next concert. Thank god we saw her perform 'Black Gold', one of my favourite songs of last year.

We experienced a little bit of Rufus Wainwright but then decided to already go to George Benson, so we would have a good place as well. George Benson played with, among others, the legendary Miles Davis, and is one of the best jazz guitarists in history. I knew him from his songs, especially 'Give me the Night' and 'On Broadway'. Even though the man is almost 70, he played funk like we were still in the seventies.

Last but not least was the concert of The David Murray Orchestra featuring Macy Gray. Ramai and I are crazy about Macy Gray, we saw her perform at North Sea two years ago and she rocked us all away. We were hoping for a reprize. We even missed Betty Wright for it (which, as we heard later, was one of the best concerts of North Sea Jazz 2012) and we stood very close to the stage.

It took a long time till Macy came on stage, we had to hear a few good, but not really my kind of thing, songs of the orchestra first. When Macy Gray came she was dressed in a fabulous glitter dress and looking as one of a kind as ever.

We were there the entire concert but she didn't play a single song that was her own. It was all work of David Murray. Of course it was good, but you always hope to hear one of your favourite songs when you see one of your favourite artists. Macy Gray didn't sing extremely well either, so it was a bit of a disappointment.

But well, we had good hopes for the next day and we had a marvelous day anyway.

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