Wild Young Minds: Ballad of Bob

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ballad of Bob

Seeing my biggest hero in two weeks! I know, I know, everyone keeps saying that his concerts are pretty lousy, but I don't care. I'm not going to be able to spend my life knowing I had the chance to see him when he's dead. Cause let's stay realistic, he's not going to live forever. His body though, his music will of course ;)  Bob Dylan is known to be not that nice a guy, especially to all of his lovers he was quite horrible. That is, a great lover and poet in the beginning and easily dropping them for someone new (how easily Sara replaced Joan Baez). Anyways, he does know how to sing about the ladies. 

''You've been with the professors
And they've all liked your looks
With great lawyers you have
Discussed lepers and crooks
You've been through all of
F. Scott Fitzgerald's books
You're very well read
It's well known.''

Outstanding guy, Bob.

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