Wild Young Minds: The illusion of perfection when no one is proud

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The illusion of perfection when no one is proud

I never saw myself burning in the flames of the fire
Neither did I imagine climbing a hill having no hope
I never saw myself pushing and squeezing and forcing
For something already broken before even created
For something that needed damage in order to be fixed

The battle that’s in front of us needs to be fought
In order to make a journey we must have a suitcase
To be filled with desire, with memories, with taste
Of an unforgettable incomparable and irreversible time   
When mornings were bloomy and nights were bright

But light needs darkness and pleasure needs sorrow
So thunder filled the air and all that’s left was tomorrow
Tomorrow, when the task asks for a beginning to be made
In order to obtain respect and pride we all need to work
Ideas must fill the air, the illusion of originality exists

What is the function of perfection when no one is proud
For creation is cumulative and completion cannot be found
This world is filled with insecurities that need to be smashed
That need to be cursed and damaged like the flesh of a deer
Since no hero ever gave up and so must society as we know it

I have always done what was expected for the ultimate goal
What a delusion when goals are meant to be shifted away
I have always performed for myself in order to win respect
Only for me since the people are placed in a position of power
But what’s the use of winning when the competition is you
I have often wondered what it was that I had to do

Burning and running and falling and rising back up in the air
To once be a tower standing solid between the comfort of clouds
Or wondering wise why we do what we do and what’s to be found
And standing with my tiny feet between all the others on the ground

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