Wild Young Minds: Sunday Night Struggles

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Night Struggles

A small attempt to justify my lack of posts over the previous weeks: the exams have pretty much taken over my entire social life, both real life and on the internet. That's not true, actually, I always find time to check facebook 300 times a day, just to find nothing new, nothing interesting and nothing that's helping me cramming all the stuff in my head.
The other funny thing about the exam period is that everything that has nothing to do with the information I have to be studying, seems interesting, appealing and extremely fun. Be it doing my laundry, getting myself some coffee or reading the newspaper. Imagine all those things coming up when my exams are finished: going to a ELLE x Weekday event (won some tickets which give me 40% discount, OH YEAH), going to a poetry slam or going out.
If the laundry already gets me excited, I wonder if I will survive the trill of all those events. And I haven't even mentioned the fact that I haven't drunk wine for more than one week (and yes, that's quite of an achievement. And also a sign of a life with nothing interesting going on unfortunately...), so everything that's going to happen after those 3 exams, sounds like heaven to me. Don't worry, I'll survive. Let's see if I survive those exams first.

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