Wild Young Minds: As Free As a Wedding Can Be

Friday, March 7, 2014

As Free As a Wedding Can Be

Though I'm not really into marriages - I know, you'll probably think 'that's just the age', but for real, I don't see the necessity of it - I have to admit, weddings can be amazing. Might sound contradictory, but here's what I mean: wedding dresses, champagne, music, friends, family, exotic locations and sunsets. Yet I have to admit that private weddings can look quite alluring as well.

Take this phenomenal photoshoot for the new Free People lookbook. Bohemian Erin Wasson and handsome Mark Wystrach are fictionally getting married Viva las Vegas style. I never knew a wedding could look so rockabilly boom, free-spirited and wild. Kate Moss already married hippie style, but the Free People photos have a more tough side I really adore. And yes, it definitely convinced me... Not to get married, but to find myself a motorcycle riding boyfriend. Hell yes.

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