Wild Young Minds: The Lion Man

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Lion Man

Every now and then I don't feel like posting something culturally justified - you know, my regular Hitchcock reviews, sixties songs or bohemian inspiration sort of posts - but I just feel like giving you guys (sorry for the pun) a little pleasure. Cause that's what you all long for on a Saturday night, right? 
Anyway, chances are high you don't get me here, since this man has more hair than I have and looks a bit like a Neanderthaler. Or a lion, indeed. I finally found the reason why I loved The Lion King more than anything in the world as a child, and why I seriously had a thing for Simba. 
No, let's be serious now. This man is Ben Dahlhaus, and he must be a model. I couldn't find a thing about him on the internet - except for Tumblr posts by foolish girls like myself - so he remains a mystery. Exactly what I like in a man ;) But the guy who took these amazing photos is known and his Facebook is worth a visit. The guy in question is Esra Sam and you can find him here. Enjoy your Saturday night - or Sunday morning, cause that's a perfect time to look at these photos as well - and I keep you posted (with my culturally justified posts, don't worry!). 

1 comment:

  1. are u the lion man?

    cuz i was the tin man on stage
    i looke like a lion when my hair is longer with a little bit of facial hair

    and the county i live in is "SC"
    So HA! I WIN!

    :3 :>

    just kidding email me at if you want some intel.

    i got some very good intel.