Wild Young Minds: Who's at driver's seat

Monday, April 28, 2014

Who's at driver's seat

What’s the reason, what’s the use
Who does it comfort, who will win
Will it cure you from sorrow and blues
Oh why do you transform your own skin

The doubt that is grounded deep within
Is not easily hidden from the world outside
The more you try, the harder to begin
Taking the steps of your search for pride

Stay true to who you are and what you believe
But what if thoughts and treasures blur as one
If you no longer know whose goals to achieve
And odd ardours are abandoned and long gone

What if the crowd’s opinion has gained control
Over who to love, where to go and what to do
You think to be true to your own sincere soul
But can you still identify what is really of value

For scandal and slander is the order of the day
Bringing another down to travel higher in the sky
Lessens the fear of being seen as ghostly grey
No difficulty faking a feeling or creating a lie

Where to look for authenticity, sincerity and truth
If the meaning of these words has long been lost
Maybe it's part of the insecurity that belongs to youth
But what’s it worth if being phoney is the price it has to cost?


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