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Monday, June 2, 2014

Credits for my Work

A few weeks ago, I experienced such a wonderful thing. Not huge - as I considered my blogs for Glamour, I mean, Glamour! - but it definitely turned a smile on my face.

Apart from this blog I also write for a site called NadeLunch.
For this site I only write about music; about concerts, festivals, new albums and artists in general. Recently, I wrote an article about Gina Cimmelli, who I discovered in a Free People Campaign with Daisy Lowe. I've had the nummer on repeat the last few months, since it's so sweet, summery and soulful. So, I decided to dive into the life of Gina Cimmelli, and found out that she's Brooklyn-based with Italian roots and ready to take over the States. And Holland as well, I hope!

Anyway, about a week later I was looking on her site again and I saw she had discovered my article and actually wrote a Thank You message on her site. So sweet, the way she thanked me! She also added a translated version of my version - which I wrote in Dutch originally - but the translation was quite poor, they probably used a machine to do it! But that doesn't weaken the message. Here's what she wrote:

''A giant thank you to for the wonderful piece they featured on their site, I appreciate all your kind words!
And to the lovely Bente Schreurs for writing so thoughtfully about my music and myself. I really can’t thank you enough!''

It was my pleasure, Gina!

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