Wild Young Minds: Senses of satisfaction

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Senses of satisfaction

The elevator has been going up for twenty years
A life filled with dreams, a trip full of victory
Risks and experiences always vanquished the fears
A life that tells the tale like an adventurous story

No regrets, no sorrows, no tears and no doubt
Not a day was futile, not a year spent in vain
Tiredness followed her but never did she pass out
Coldness kicked in and soon abandoned the pain

The pain of wanting and of wishing were set apart
The pain of hoping and of praying left aside
One can simply refuse to take notice of the heart
And so it goes that she appeared to live an easy ride

Easy it seemed, and effortless it was as well
She felt fine and the feeling has always been real
For when one never tries, one will never fail
How hard you might try, you can never burn steal

So what’s the problem, what’s the big deal
Floating through life is the poor man’s goal
The sad man’s need and his greatest appeal
So why not be satisfied if that is your role

The elevator has not stopped for once in twenty years
No one has ever opened nor closed the doors of grey
A few men have tried but none has earned any tears
Will there once enter a person and will she ever say

‘I want you, I need you, I miss you or I love you’
Will the doors ever open and welcome affection
Will she overcome the fear of feeling black and blue
So that for once she will sense sincere satisfaction  

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