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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Couchsurfing Craziness

Shame on me, even in my vacation, at home in Amsterdam, I can't find any time to keep my blog updated. But, to be honest, that's also a good thing. I should've been in Israel at this time, and I was so afraid I was going to be bored as hell if I just stayed at home. Guess what, I haven't been bored a single moment. So what have I been doing? Well, mostly working, a lot of drinking and trying a new thing: couchsurfing. 
You might remember my post about London, in which I told you about my great experience surfing at a couch of Chen and enjoying a cosy house party. This time I decided to open up my house - and the house of my 16 roommates, okay - and invite a bunch of travellers here! I have to admit, I have been a bit picky but that's only because I get about 10 requests a day. Yes, yes, I'm very popular (can't wait till internet invents a way to put sarcasm on the screen the way my tone of voice can!) and everyone wants to stay with me.
No, let's be serious here. I'll tell you a little bit about the concept of Couchsurfing. I've created an extensive profile a while ago, which has my life motto, interests, goals, favourite films and music on there. What do I expect of life, and what do I want to live my life like. Pretty much my person in a couple of sentences. Furthermore, there's this reference system, so people I stayed with and people I hosted can write a positive (or negative) story about me and other people see this and think: 'Wauw, such a great person, I want to meet her!' I'm sorry, I'm having difficulties talking seriously about myself here.
Anyway, I got two great messages last week. The first was from Austin, a guy from Oklahoma who moved to NY a couple of years ago to follow his dream: becoming an actor. It sounds like the typical American Dream story - it is - but he's actually very good. He came over with his cousin, who still lives in Oklahoma, and they stayed here for 3 nights. Though I had to work two full days, we did some great things. We saw the typical Amsterdam streets, ate pancakes, went to the Red Light District and smoked a joint of course. The last night we all went out - a few of my roommates and friends joined as well - and that was a lot of fun! Austin invited us to come to Brooklyn (NY) whenever we wanted to, so hell yes, I'm gonna book my flight next year!
Yesterday, another American family came. This time only for one night and this time a girl and her sister from Riverland, South California. The three of us spent a day in the city, talked a lot about the differences between American and Dutch culture and visited the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam Noord. They gave me the best tips for California. Not only San Fran of course, but also Big Sur (picture), about which my hero Jack Kerouac wrote a book, Napa (the wine valley), Santa Barbara and Seattle. Even though my American friends didn't drink wine, so we didn't go out (those two things go together, yes), we got along really well ;)
I'm not sure if I'll host more people this summer, but that's only because I have to work a lot and am going to Paris for a couple of days as well. But it's been an amazing experience and I can recommend it to everyone. It has opened my mind even more, improved my English and gave me contacts in America - not a bad thing! The only downside: my desire to travel has grown even more. But hey, next year it's my turn to surf, and surfing I will!

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