Wild Young Minds: The Summer of Love

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Summer of Love

I'm back again - but probably just for a while!
Anyway, my little response to today's discussions.

Gone with purity, gone with pride
All possible replacements are near
No reason, why bother to hide
Our forceful feelings of fear

Imagine a world different from ours
Where sunshine prevailed over rain
No need to strengthen powers
Apart from those of your brain

Does it make sense, is there an aim
To be reminiscent of things in a past
All knew it would not stay the same
Love, peace and happiness wouldn't last

Why not accept reality and continue
Nostalgia is natural but what is the use
Yet somehow I cannot help feeling blue
Joining the anxieties is what I refuse

Praying for a past I didn't participate in
It sounds sentimental and maybe it is
In 1967 there was also sorrow and sin
Yet one season was filled with a bliss

Nowadays it feels out of date to state
That people need to make love, not war
But it's no coincidence all we feel is hate
Peace and harmony are a station too far

Flowers filled the bumpy San Fran streets
Hippies in Haight-Ashbury took the lead
The earth moved, it created beautiful beats
A demonstration without difficulty to succeed

In order to experience the immaculacy alive
It would be good to see them once from above
So we would know why to bother and strive
For one tiny taste of the summer of love

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