Wild Young Minds: And so... the California adventure begins!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

And so... the California adventure begins!

Surprise! I'm still alive. I have not disappeared from this earth, neither have I found a job somewhere in Australia. I haven't written anything on this blog for quite some time - ages, really - but I figured it is time I start writing again. Why is that? First of all, since it's summer, which means I've got a lot of time on my hands. What's better than to use that for blogging? Cause I know for sure, my dear followers, if you're still there, you've missed me. Every night. Where's Bente? Is she still alive? Glad to comfort you.
No, just kiddin'. The main reason I decided to use this blog again, is the fact that I'm moving to San Francisco in two days. Yes, the city of my dreams, where people are gentle and wear flowers in their hair. My California Dream is beginning to become reality and I can't wait. Yet, it feels weird as well. I seem to end everything here in Amsterdam. I've succesfully finished my bachelor - cum laude! - and I'm leaving the student room I've been living in for three years already. Weird, yet good. I was the last woman standing, I've seen people come and go, and now it really feels like my time to go. New experiences ahead of me, new roommates, new locations. And the last thing that ends, is my job at the lunchroom. That feels kind of sad, since I had such a good time there, making coffees, taking orders and seeing people smile when they've filled their stomaches. But well, I might return, I might not, one thing's for sure: now it is time to spend all the money I earned there!
So yeah, how to spend it? First and foremost, on my room. San Francisco is a goddamn expensive city. Rents are rising the minute we speak, so that's gonna cost a lot of money. On the other hand, I'll probably be living near Golden Gate Park, next to Haight-Ashbury (where all the hippies used to live) and Castro (where all the LGBT's reside). Golden Gate Park ends at Ocean Beach, which is... yes, really... at the Pacific Ocean! And that means, morning runs through Golden Gate Park, a swim to cool down and then coffee in one of the hipster bars in the neighborhood. Records, vintage and red wine. I yearn for it, San Francisco provides it. What else do I need, really? Gentle people, yes. And some sunshine.
Well, this was it for now. I have to buy a suitcase this afternoon, have some goodbye drinks - all I seem to be doing these days - and grab the suitcase. Tough job. What to bring for half a year? You'll definitely be hearing all the things I forgot to pack, but well, that's life. That's the good life, actually. The good life I want to share with you the next half year. Hopefully you haven't forgotten me and otherwise, bring me back in your daily memory. Cause you'll be hearing from me again!

Love and greetings from Amsterdam,


photos by: Free People

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