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Saturday, March 5, 2011

funny face

I love your funny face
Your sunny, funny face.
For you're a cutie
With more than beautie.
You've got a lot of
per-son-a-li-ty for me.

What a lovely, affable film.
Funny Face, featuring Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire and Kay Thompson, is about a fashion magazine 'Quality' that is searching for a woman to represent the new image of 'Quality'. She has to be beautiful, intelligent and she's got to have personality. The last two things are qualities editor in chief Maggie (Kay Thompson)and photographer Dick (Fred Astaire) can't seem to find in a model. They are going to shoot in a book store, hoping this will make the photos look more intelligent.
In this shabby book store in Greenwich Village they meet Jo (Audrey Hepburn), an extremely intelligent shopkeeper who hates everything that has something to do with fashion and beauty. However, photographer Dick sees something in her and urges her to be the new model of 'Quality'. After a lot of arguing, she agrees to go with them to Paris because she's desperately to see some famous professor in empathicalism. Of course Paris is the city of love and you already see it coming that Jo is going to fall in love... But not without any difficulties.

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