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Friday, March 25, 2011

''I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I'm not afraid to look behind them''.

An ode to Elizabeth Taylor (London, 27 februari 1932 - Los Angeles, 23 maart 2011)

As you will probably already know, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor died last wednesday.
As a girl who loves classics, I want to honour the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, who was a classic beauty, movie star and socialite.She hated the nickname 'Liz', was British and American, and shortly after the involvement of England in the Second World War, the Taylor family decided to go back to the United States.

Elizabeth was only nine when she had her first part in 'There's one born every minute'. She won an Academy Award twice: in 1960 for 'Butterfield 8' and in 1966 for 'Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf?'. 'Cleopatra' was the film for which she signed a big contract and she became the best payed actress ever. I love her look in 'Cleopatra', very inspiring. She played alongside the love of my life James Dean in 'Giant'. Of course they were a magnificent couple ;) Her last film was 'The Flintstones', in which she played Wilma.

Elizabeth Taylor is also known for her many marriages, she married 8 times. Though she married Richard Burton twice but still, it's very special if you keep believing this time you are really marrying Mr. Right. She did claim she only had sex with the men she married, so she wasn't that easy ;)

She was close friends with Rock Hudson (another legend) and Michael Jackson. Rumor has it that the dead of her beloved friend Michael Jackson was one of the reasons her health went backwards. Though she suffered from illnesses for a long time already. She had broken her back five times (!), had a brain tumor and a life-threatening pneumonia. She was also addicted to alcohol and pills. Woaw, she was lucky she had become 79!

Elizabeth Taylor really was a talented and gorgeous woman. Even in her seventies she still had grace. She looked a bit like Liza Minnelli, but then a bit more natural.
The world has lost another legend, another icon and another personality. However, the line 'To be an icon, you have to die first' doesn't count for her, she already was and will always be an icon.

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