Wild Young Minds: ''Let them eat cake''

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

''Let them eat cake''

Let's get it over with: Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette' is a lousy film.
The film is about the life of one of France's most famous queens Marie Antoinette (born in Austria), the wife of King Louis XVI. He was the last king of France, his reign stopped because of the French Revolution in 1789. Marie Antoinette spent her life in Versailles. All she did was spending money, partying, eating cake and macaroons and wearing gorgeous clothes. The life was very boring, and that's exactly what you can say about the movie as well.

Kirsten Dunst performs very weak, especially in a crying scene. It's not clear if she's crying or laughing, so you can tell how bad it is ;) The lack of profundity bothers me most. In the beginning of the movie, when Marie Antoinette obviously has a hard time adjusting herself to France and the luxurious life, she seems very cool. But later on, she adores her life and she only wants more and more luxury. Logical of course, I mean, why wouldn't she? But when someone tells her that the French population has less and less to eat, she answers ''let them eat cake''. Quite superficial, isn't it? She also had a hard time getting pregnant of her husband because her husband didn't want to sleep with her.

Besides, what I was looking forward to most, the ending of the movie where (as we all know) Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI would go to the guillotine, wasn't even there. The movie stopped when things were finally getting excited. Probably the style of Sofia Coppola, but I missed the crux of the matter.

Thank god, the style of the movie is brilliant. As well as Marie Antoinette's Swedish lover: Count Von Fersen. He wasn't so bad, he wasn't so bad at all.

Talking about the style in the movie, everything is so beautiful. The outfits Kirsten Dunst wears, the food, the palace in Versailles, the house Louis XVI builds for her (The Petit Trianton). And the only thing I really like about this biotopic of Marie Antoinette is the fact that it's controversial: in stead of old music like Bach or Mozart, she listened to 'The Cure' (an 80's rock band). Totally impossible of course, but I find it awesome.

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