Wild Young Minds: Intouchables

Sunday, April 15, 2012


If you have already seen this amazing French movie, praise yourself. If you haven't, shame on you. But a way to make it up, let's run to the movies right now. I'll come with you, cause this movie is good enough to see it twice. Or three times. Or four. Well, I think I made my point. Why? I'm going to tell you right now.

'Intouchables' is a feel good movie in its purest form. It's about a young Senegalese guy from the streets, who's name is Driss, and Philippe, a rich older man in a wheelchair. Initially, they meet when Driss is applying for a job as Philippe's live-in carer. But he's doesn't really want the job, he just needs to be able to show he's done an application in order to continue receiving his welfare benefits. But his directness and casuality suits Philippe and so the next day Driss is told that he is hired for the job.

All the luxury of the Parisian mansion pleases Driss and he decides to stay. From now on he has to spend every minute of the day helping Philippe because Philippe is paralysed from neck to toe. They become closer friends by the day, though they used to live in complete different worlds. Philippe teaches Driss things about art and classical music whereas Driss encourages Philippe to meet the girl he's having a phone relation with.

But it is not all happiness in this movie. Aside from the hardworking but pleasant and alternating job of being Philippe's caretaker (as I said, Philippe is very, very rich so they travel by private jet), Driss' family lives in the suburbs of Paris and his little brother is having some serious troubles with the wrong friends. So Driss returns to the suburbs and quit his job as caretaker. But for both parties that ain't simple.

'Intouchables' is the second most succesful French movie of all time and has won many prizes. Completely justly, for the movie is hilarious (especially Driss made the entire audience laugh when I was seeing the movie), makes you feel good and has a deeper thought as well. It's about taking life not too seriously and about two different worlds coming together. What I found really nice, was that Philippe hired Driss not because he was that qualified (not at all actually) but because he didn't feel sorry for Philippe. Sometimes he even forgot that Philippe was paralysed.

The music in the movie was phenomenal. Especially the beginning scene rocked. Driss and Philippe sitting in the car, chased by the police while Earth, Wind and Fire's 'September' is booming out of the radio speakers. The video I have added is amazing as well, one of my favourite songs and a hell of a scene. If this makes you feel good already, go see the movie, cause it's even better ;)

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  1. I agree with Bente on this, it is really a good movie. One for the IMDB top 250 surely.