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Friday, April 6, 2012

Will & the People

What a gig. We were already in love with Will (& the People) after we saw their amazing show at Lowlands but this time it was for real. Seriously.

After a lovely but tiring day wandering around the streets of Amsterdam (we got lost for about twenty times, I think we walked 500 miles the entire day) and buying some things here and there (well, actually everywhere), we were a bit afraid we lost our energy. But after the show our energy was definitely back. What a gig.

Of course the fact that the concert took place in the smaller room in Paradiso, helped as well. We stood in the front (well, almost) and could almost touch Will. But we had to wait for that to happen for another two hours. They performed absolutely wonderful, especially in the end, when we heard their best songs 'Lion in the Morning Sun' and 'Addicted'. Will jumped in the audience twice. We were scared to death but the man is not only a brilliant singer, but also a brilliant crowd surfer.

After the show, we bought ourselves a cd (well, I didn't but Avalon did) and two bags. And when we had freshened ourselves up a bit, we came back to that place and suddenly Will was there. He only stayed for a few minutes but when he left, I looked at him and he said: 'Oh, hi there! I like your hat' I bought a hat at the Episode that afternoon by the way. A red one. So I was already like: O my god, he likes my hat! And then he told this other guy from the band: 'She has a nice hat, hasn't she?'

Thank god they came back a couple of minutes later. So Avalon kissed and hugged Will, he signed her bandana and my hat, we took a picture with him and he asked me once again where I had bought my hat. Then we really had to go but we will definitely see them again soon. And then I will wear my hat once more of course. And again. And again.

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