Wild Young Minds: ROADTRIP PART IX

Thursday, September 6, 2012


What are you looking at?
This is the last part of the photo serie of our roadtrip.
All good things come to an end unfortunately, but the good part is that I'm living in Amsterdam now! So sad endings, good beginnings. I'll tell you more about that later!
1) The last supper. Eating sushi in Frankfurt, the German town we added to our planning because our favourite store 'Urban Outfitters' is there and it was on our way anyway!
2) Avalon eating sushi.
3) Home, sweet home. Despite the sad feelings of going back to Holland, this was an afternoon in paradise. Being in Urban Outfitters always makes me euphoric. The clothes, the jewellery, the books, the records...
4) A few things I bought (except the black bra): a warm and etnic vest and the red Levi's I've been searching for almost a year now.
5) Avalon completely satisfied with a gigantic bag after our trip through Urban Outfitters.
6) Jewellery I bought. Am crazy about elephants since recently, so I was very happy with this elephant ring.
7) The 'Bento Box' at the sushi restaurant. Had to photograph this, since my dad calls me 'Bento' every now and then. The sushi was delicious by the way!
8) Me on our way home. We had to stop in Dusseldorf as well, because the train had a delay, and we missed the last train to the Netherlands, et cetera. Quite the disaster, but we survived!
9) Not in the mood to go home, so we put our minds to something else ;)
10) One good thing about home: the amazing coffee at Douwe Egberts. Yeah, we really missed that.
11) The end of our vacation. We ate all the peanut butter, so it was time to go home. An empty pot, empty wallet and our energy levels were empty as well. But we got everything out of the vacation (probably can't even say it this way in English but my Dutch readers will understand!) and I now have to focus on making money for the trip next year. Can't wait (:

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