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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vogue Fashion Night Out

One of the many benefits of living in Amsterdam, is that there's always something to do - anywhere. In this case there was a lot to do - everywhere. Vogue Netherlands organized the very first Dutch Vogue Fashion Night Out (this concept has been a great succes in among others New York, Paris and Berlin).

The shops in P.C. Hooftstraat (which is the Dutch Champs Elysées or Fifth Avenue, compare it to your preference) and surrounding streets were open until 10 pm and the Bijenkorf (a large Dutch department store) was open until 11 pm.

All the stores handed out many delicious drinks (most of the time champagne, but also cocktails and wine), snacks such as cupcakes and sushi and there was a lot to see (clothes but also many fashion people) and to do (like having your picture taking with Viktor & Rolf or shoot your own Vogue cover).

I couldn't miss this event, so I went with a friend and her schoolmates. We had a wonderful time (didn't expect anything else) and didn't become bored a single time. For this was my first time in the P.C. Hooftstraat, for the fact that I saw a lot of famous Dutch persons such as presenter Valerio, actors, designers as Judith Osborn, tv personalities as Bastiaan van Schaik, models as Ymre Stiekema and the woman that has the job I desire most: Vogue Editor-in-Chief Karin Swerink. And also for the fact that I saw saxophonist Candy Dulfer perform and Selah Sue (it was the fifth time I saw her but that didn't make her less talented.

Unfortunately we didn't took a picture with Viktor & Rolf (the line was way too long, it would've taken us two hours to get in), but we did take advantage of the many free drinks.

At the end of the night, we went to The Bijenkorf to see what was happening over there and that was where I saw one of my favourite designers Iris van Herpen. She looked extremely thin and as if she hadn't slept in days (which is probably true anyway) but my friend did got her looking straight in the camera when she took a photo. God, I know it sounds cheesy, but how fabulous to say that I stood right next to her.

At the same time a photographer asked if she could have my picture taken for the Vogue website. I felt extremely honoured (it was already the second time this happened to me since I moved to Amsterdam) and pleased immediately. The moment I saw my picture on the Vogue Site between the other 20 photos, listed best dressed of the night, I felt, well, really happy.

After we saw Selah Sue (we didn't see the complete concert, cause we were really tired) we took the tram back home but we had a lovely and not unimportant, free night filled with fashion. I hope for more of these nights to come!

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