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Sunday, March 3, 2013

MOAM: photography meets fashion

A few days ago my roommate Karlijn and I visited a fashion exhibition in Moam, which is a combination of Foam photography and fashion. The exhibition featured three iconic pictures made by Dutch photographers. These pictures were sort of imitated by fifteen Dutch fashion photographers, linked to fashion designers.

I loved the concept, it was really innovative. Furthermore, the three chosen pictures were definitely iconic, so a good inspiration. Unfortunately, the exhibition was quite small and therefore was a bit disappointing. They hardly gave any information about the photos, except for the names of the photographers, designers and models.
Thank god there were also a few photos that didn't belong to the exhibition. They were very inspiring, for example this photo from Amsterdam,  and the first photo from a blonde lady smoking a cigarette. That one really blew me away. Though the exhibition wasn't what we'd expected it to be, the photos that were made were very good, since you could closely see the link to the iconic photo, but most of them were still refreshing. Just a bit more information would've made it really inspiring, I guess.


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