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Monday, March 25, 2013


Everytime when I buy a few things, I get totally back into it and I start buying more and more.
This weekend I ordered a few things at again, due to the fact I had to work again (I haven't worked for quite a long time) and so I could spend a bit of money again!
I bought a little black dress (a loose-fit), a printed legging and a crop top with cut-outs.
Yesterday I also visited a flea market with my dad, just one in my old neighbourhood. We always go there, since I am always looking for cheap records and my dad is always looking for books, prints or other stuff for his exhibitions. I came across a gorgeous black suede blazer, which was only 4 euros! Those buys make me extremely happy. It is striking though, that I have only bought black clothes. I'm also looking for black H&M boots, which are constantly out of stock. Anyway, all black everything ;)
Here's some inspiration for the next weeks. Let's hope spring will finally show up. 

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