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Monday, March 4, 2013

Kanye West in concert: distant but damn attractive

I know, the spontaneous things are getting a bit out of hand. Last week me and two roommates decided to go to the concert of Kanye West, which was announced very secretly. That was just two days before the concert would took place. Yes, it had a big impact on my bank account but it was definitely worth it. What a man, and the songs he sang: they were all so brilliant.

The concert was held in the Heineken Music Hall, which is a big event hall but not that huge. Which I really liked, because we stood pretty close to the audience. We were present more than two hours before the concert would begin, which was very long, since there wasn't even a supporting act. But the thrill of seeing Kanye West, thé Kanye West, in a few hours, was enough to keep us exciting even while waiting that long.

When he came up, he already made a huge impression. He was dressed completely in white, which was extra cool since he's very black, as you will know most definitely ;) The stage was grand, but there wasn't anyone one it but Kanye West. No background singers, drummers, dancers, etc. The background was impressing though, we kept seeing nature elements. Huge mountains, snow, the ocean, it was all very overpowering! At one time there even fell snow from the sky, on the audience, on us!

The songs he performed were chosen very well. A few songs I didn't really know, but the rest was a good mixture between songs from his newest album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' and older songs like 'Heartless' and 'Homecoming'. I can honestly say that I danced my ass off, the vibe in the audience was amazing. His voice and the sound weren't perfect, which was a shame, but the adrenalin made up for everything. He barely had any interaction with the public, except for a small speech about the impact of brands on today's society, but that didn't really matter. It only made him more unattainable and distant, which I actually really liked. His attitude is so big, it's indescribable but that's what makes him Kanye West. Isn't it?

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