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Sunday, May 12, 2013

18 going on 19

Another personal post! Hope I'm not bothering you with this, but I just had to write this post. I'm turning 19 tomorrow, which is a pretty big thing of course ;) I have to say I don't really like this age, I'd rather stay 18 for another year. Though it has positive aspects to become older as well, 18 is such a care-free age. I'm not sure what I mean either, but it's just a feeling I have!

Anyway, it has become a sort of tradition to post a photo review of the previous year. When I turned 18, I showed you the best moments of the year I was 17. That's exactly what I'm going to do now as well. I sincerely hope you haven't seen all photos yet, cause I acknowledge that might be the case, but I hope you like seeing them anyway! I do at least, when I look back at this post a few years from now.

Maybe I also dislike turning 19, because 18 has been such a marvelous age. It was the year I graduated cum laude, the year I made a roadtrip through Europe (which was the best month of my life), the year I moved to Amsterdam, the year I met lots of new people, the year I continued going to festivals and concerts, the year my photo was in Italian Vogue, the year I got my tattoo, the year I  fell in and out of love several times (I do have feeling, yes), the year I became more independent and the year I became more and more free every day. Well, enough with the summing-up, let's see 18 in photos.
Old friends becoming neighbours
Jazz festivals
Handsome guys festivals
From city to city with best friend
Meeting nice guys with best friend
Moving to Amsterdam with lots of records (and without dog unfortunately)
In Italian Vogue with beautiful dress
Going out with new friends
Modelling with roommates
More modelling with old friend
Unplanned trip to Barcelona with new friend

More modelling with new friends
Lots of laughing with roommates/friends
 Planned trip to Köln with roommate, last one for the modelling and laughing 

Here's to 19, to even more new people and to even more free moments. Love! 

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  1. do u know the artist of the sketch tattoo "forever 18 " that u uploaded on top ?