Wild Young Minds: Betty Wright: the lady's got soul

Monday, May 6, 2013

Betty Wright: the lady's got soul

Sunday the 28th of April was the night. The night we (Ramai and I) were going to see Betty Wright. I had won tickets via Radio 6, my favourite radio station. Betty Wright had been at North Sea Jazz the year we were there as well, but due to the crowded hall we couldn't see her. It's said she was one of the best artists that year, so we were very eager to see her!

The lady is 59 already and a proud grandmother of 11 grandkids. But damn, she could perform. Dressed in a glitter dress and wearing high heels, she was still able to sing, dance and laugh at the same time. Maybe it was the fact that the band looked like a big family, which it kind of proved to be later on. Two of her daughters were singing in the background choir, which I found very lovely!
Betty Wright sang a varied list of songs. Many of them were from her latest album with the Roots, like 'In the Middle of the Game' and 'You and Me, Leroy'. She also did her classics, like 'Clean Up Woman' and an extended version of 'Tonight is the Night', which I really, really liked! And a new one was on the list as well. Unfortunately, the show didn't last very long and Betty didn't even return on stage after we kept shouting 'We want more, we want more' (You know how that usually goes!) Thank god, her attitude was amazing. She was funny, had a lot of self-mockery and rocked the stage. 

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