Wild Young Minds: Congrats to the love of my life!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Congrats to the love of my life!

Today the hottest guy on earth has turned 50. 50 fucking years. Isn't that crazy? I'm almost 30 years younger, but can't seem to think of a guy more attractive than Johnny Depp. I certainly do have a thing for the hobo-look. Since I've seen him as Captain Jack Sparrow, I was totally charmed by his acting skills. Amazing how he can play all these different characters in such convincing ways. 'Blow' is one of my favourite films as well. I'm definitely planning to see many more of his films (especially those starring Helena Bonham Carter as well, that's a magic duo) and I also intend to write an extensive post about him very soon. But for now, let's be content with these breathtaking photos - I'm sure that will do for a lousy sunday evening - Johnny's birthday sunday evening though.

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