Wild Young Minds: Congrats to big brother Bas!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Congrats to big brother Bas!

A personal post again. More to follow this week, I've had many great experiences lately (which costed me lots of sleep - my eyelid has been shaking for the last three weeks, quite annoying) so I'll try to stay up to date.

Last Thursday my 24 year-old brother graduated from university. He finished his master Marketing with a master scriptie concerning football and marketing. Quite cool, since he's a huge fan of football (he even is Dutch champion football quiz, I'm sure you never heard of that title, but now you do!). His family and girlfriend were allowed to be present when he got his evaluation.
When we came outside, his entire 'dispuut' (a society within a student society) stood outside with a black and yellow vehicle. We had a couple of drinks and went for dinner at the Greek with the six of us. I'm very proud, especially since he also already has a job at Vitesse (a Dutch football club in Arnhem). Not all students have a job before finishing university. So I dedicate this post to my brother, wishing my study may continue for a long time, since working life isn't attracting me yet. Not at all!

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