Wild Young Minds: Fernweh: a constant aching for being in another place from where you are now

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fernweh: a constant aching for being in another place from where you are now

Ever since I got back from my last roadtrip, I have this constant ache in my body. Is it my heart? No, that's perfectly fine. Is it my head? Nope, perfectly fine as well. My legs then? Yeah well, they're still a bit tired from everything, but quite okay. So no, I have no idea what the ache comes from, where I feel it or why I have it. Though every time I hear the word 'travel', 'foreigner' or 'sun', a reaction occurs. I think I found the cure of the problem: I've got fernweh and in a considerable manner.

All of my life I've been totally fixed on America. Wait till you start making assumptions; I still am. I love to live in New York more than in any other city in the world (I might go there next year, my roommate is doing an internship every summer!) and travelling through the West Coast is next on my list. San Francisco, I already feel you have a special place in my passport. But I recently found out that there are SO many other places I want to see as well: South America, Africa, Australia, India. And not only those well-known places, but also countries like Israel, Nigeria or Peru. Even when I was in Eastern Europe, I wasn't satisfied yet. We didn't have time for Bosnia, Ukraine or the Baltic States. Such a shame! Later on one of my friends reminded me that I'm only 19 and that there are years and years of travel to come, which is absolutely true and reminded me not to be too eager already.
Anyway, I also came to the conclusion that travel definitely has to be a part of my work. Which is actually a good thing, since I want to do something with journalism and writing, and that's one of the best things to do abroad. Writing for a site or magazine would be amazing but being a correspondent would be magnificent as well. I'm thinking about doing a 'travel writing' course in Berlin next year, that sounds perfect to me.

Another sign for the fact that I was born to travel is that I always fall in love with foreigners. Not only on the road, even in Amsterdam the guys who have mixed blood are most interesting. People who come from different parts of the world are interesting anyway. But people who have traveled the world as well. They know what they talk about, they've got many interesting stories to tell and 99% of the time they're open-minded. Important features, if you ask me.

I have no idea where I will end up and I think that's only for the best. I love Amsterdam a lot but I don't see myself living here forever. If I am to live in Holland, it will definitely be in Amsterdam, but in a few years I think I sorted Amsterdam and its inhabitants out. A new city will come on my path, but which one it will be, I don't know. We'll see. For unplanned moments are the best and that definitely accounts for travelling.
In all photos you see the wonderful city of San Francisco, credits go to Free People. 

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