Wild Young Minds: Songs on rewind

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Songs on rewind

Late at night, a playlist of The Doors is on rewind
Because every song seems to match the thoughts on my mind
Jim Morrison singing ‘Soul Kitchen’ gives me the thrills
It makes me feel like the night that I took happy pills

You light another cigarette to forget your thoughts as well
And I know that I will never get rid of my love for that smell
It oozes you, even when I’m in a misty bar and you’re nowhere around
I want to stay but run at the same time, to a place that can never be found

Since every time you come a step closer, my body moves away
Sometimes I feel a close connection to the girl called ‘Ruby Tuesday’
There’s a reason the word ‘freedom’ is engraved on my back
I love the routine of grabbing my suitcase and beginning to pack

But there’s something about you that integrates me for a change
A certain mystique that competes with mine and it feels strange
Maybe it’s because I have the feeling we’re quite the same in this
No desire for chains but a pure passion I see as a beautiful bliss

The good are never easy, the easy never good is what they say
Who knows, we may found out on a particular lovers day
For I know the best thing is to take it easy baby, to take it as it comes
Before I run away for the mighty noise in my head of beating drums

--A poet is before anything else, someone who is in love with language-- W.H. Auden

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  1. Oh mijn god, heb je dit zelf geschreven? Dit mééééén jij!! Wat goed!