Wild Young Minds: Happy Birthday to Kate!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to Kate!

You wouldn't believe it, but the most beautiful woman of England - maybe even the world - has turned 40 today. Congratulations to Kate Moss! She's been one of my biggest inspirations for a long time already, especially when it comes to her style. That tough, rock chique and all-black style, I adore it. Yet it's only since a couple of months that I've become to appreciate her attitude even more. She might come off hard and cold, but she's well-known for her party behaviour and her many friends, so she couldn't be that bad right? Moreover, she has this 'I-don't-care' attitude, yet still staying professional and - according to the many persons she's worked with - caring personality. Professionally, she's achieved so much: 100s of covers for Vogues all over the world, campaigns for huge brands, a documentary coming up and - not unimportant - boyfriends as Johnny Depp on her side. Despite all these achievements, she never seems worn-out, exhausted or over-perfectionistic as say, a Gywneth Paltrow or Miranda Kerr. No, Kate stays nonchalant, effortless and relaxed. Let's hope she'll stay this way; in her forties, her fifties and even as an old Dame. I'm sure she will.

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