Wild Young Minds: The Route of the Road

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Route of the Road

''Where is it you're going?'', the man asked me with a worried look on his face
''I'm following the path of success, but if you'll excuse me, I'm in haste''
''Which direction are you going, maybe I can help'', the lazy fellow said
''I know where I'm going and I have no time to waste'', and I shook my head
''You must be heading somewhere special, if you're so determined in your goal
I hope it will be a place that brings happiness to your body, mind and soul''
''Oh sure it will, when I've finished my plan I will be famous, rich and released
Once I'm there my struggle will stop and I will enjoy the fabulous feast''

I was full of discipline and determined to come so far and so high
I was motivated in my mission and gave a fanciful look to the sky
''But first I must go, go, go and I shall never stop
I won't pack down and never will I give up
Doing nothing is for the stupid and the weak''

''I sure hope one day you will find what you seek''
On the man's face lay a look of concern
''To me, all you seem to do is burn, burn, burn
You will have used all your fire to find out your destination is without light
It will be cold, it will be lonely and there will still be fear and fright
What will happen once you've reached this powerful place,
What will you see?
Will it be happiness, fulfillment and will you be free?
To be honest, I think your energy will be gone and your fire out
Because you've been living so fast, so quick and so loud
If you would just stop, think and reload from time to time
It won't cost you a dollar and it won't cost you a dime
You will see who's around you, what they want and why foremost
The way you're living now will turn you slowly into a ghost
But if you don't want to take this advice, it's up to you
Continue your path and keep doing what you must do
The route of the road is all yours to decide
I just hope that one day you will see the light
Cause I've seen it a long time ago with my own eyes
And since then my life has been joyable and nice''

The man gave me a last infiltring glance and walked away
Before I had the chance to say the words I needed to say
It felt unfair yet he seemed to know me so good
I wanted to go after him but still I stood
So I decided to continue my own path as I'd always done
Only to realize that my pocket was empty and my map was gone

Poem & photo's (Morocco) by me

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