Wild Young Minds: Prepare the power of the pain

Friday, February 28, 2014

Prepare the power of the pain

Grief is for the geniuses
Who create beauty in their pain
Sorrow arouses several sparks
Which we blame on the insane

A heavy heart leads to creation
Complex feelings, bitter and blue
Are the ingredients for inspiration
Despair is on the artist’s menu

What happens if trouble melts away
And all of a sudden joy appears
Cheerful colours substitute the grey
Hope and light replace all fears

Will the artist continue his work at all
His feelings light and free of despair
Or will he wait till summer turns to fall
So that the pain will be able to prepare

Prepare the power of the beaten heart
Darkness shoots right into your soul
Therefore the makers of the greatest art
Are bound to burn and lose control

To help them God has created alcohol
He has invented drugs and seduction too
Those are the golden rules of rock ‘n roll
A custom for the creator - but of great value


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